My American Dream

My American Dream is for our country to recognize that Freedom is not Freedom without RESPONSIBILITY to God and to each other.  My dream is for children to grow up with a sense of responsibility, integrity and honor.  What I see now is a dependent society where children are not held responsible for their actions, parents don't parent and integrity and respect for each other has little use in our society.  Blame, deception and fear fills every aspect of our society these days, with the biggest evil existing in the news media who deceives and influences in a way that stirs up hate.

My American dream is for our children to have the courage and strength to search for truth and stand up for what is right by God and not accept lies and deceit in government and the media as a norm.

My American dream is for our children to grow up with integrity, TRUST and the moral principles given by God...which are necessary for a strong and resilient nation.

To make it happen, I first pray for God's guidance, because without God all the strategies and tools have no benefit.  I examine whether I am walking with integrity and speaking the truth.  I am working on not being afraid to speak up about my beliefs, which is hard in a society that condemns or marginalizes anything good sometimes.  I try to identify strengths in others, rather than focus on the weaknesses, which are easier to find.  I hold myself accountable, but also have high expectations for my leaders and do not accept lies and deceit.  I commit that I will never vote for or support someone who must lie to get a vote or to get ahead and I strive to recognize the truth amongst flowery words.

Within my community, I am trying to engage people in conversations about accepting lies and deceit as normal...and the dangers in doing so.

Finally, we are One Nation Under God and we must be One America not divided into parties.  Pres. Obama has done a great injustice to America by blaming and dividing.  You can never move forward (ironically) when blame and division are the guiding force.  My Dream for a leader is someone who wants to lead a country, not a party.  That being said, people like Karl Rove has been part of the problem that created an Obama.  Integrity must lead, not winning at any cost.

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