Chylene Ramsey

signed Demand the truth about Benghazi 2013-06-15 17:06:13 -0400
Obama was running guns and supplying rebels to Syria. Qatar paying for it, and probably the Sauds. Qatar also funds Hamas, and Obama wants to be on the winning side when the smoke clears, guess. This is a supemecy thing for the Arabs over the old hieracy, I think. Bust down Syria & Libya, and Qatar is the big cheese or something

Demand The Truth about Benghazi!

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It’s been more than two years and we still don’t have answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya when four brave Americans were killed on September 11, 2012. 

While the White House is doing its best to quietly and purposefully sweep this tragedy under the rug, we are Patriot Voices are refusing to back down.

We refuse to back down until former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes out of the dark and starts answering the important questions about who knew what and when.

Former Secretary of State Clinton asked "what difference, at this point, does it make?"  It makes a big difference.  The truth matters, and the victims' families as well as the American people deserve to know what happened.  Watch this video and help us demand that Hillary Clinton come clean on the following:

•         Who knew what and when?

•         Why were warnings ignored?

•         Was there a cover up?

•         Why were the talking points changed 12 times?

•         Why did her spokesperson delete critical facts regarding the attacks?


published The End of Hatred in American Dream 2013-03-15 16:14:32 -0400

The End of Hatred

The end of Islam, the end of end of anti-semitism, and the tar and feathering of Obama and the entire Democratic party, and the public banishing of the Clintons, and the Norquists, with or without a prior exorcism.

signed Protect 2nd Amendment 2013-03-07 10:56:04 -0500
We must protect ourselves from the rise of insurgencies, with Muslim brotherhood sympathizers like Grover Norquist and Mr. Obama in power, especially since Al-Jazeera has been allowed to buy a cable station to further agitate the militants in this country. With Obama funding terrorists in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, there is no reason to believe he will not let them turn on us as well. We must be able to defend ourselves.

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To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and defender of the right to bear arms, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to protect our Second Amendment rights and stop efforts aimed at "universal background checks."

Recent incidents of heartbreaking gun violence have brought the issue of gun safety into the spotlight.  Putting further restrictions on law abiding citizen-gun owners is not the answer.

We have gun laws in place, we need to work hard to enforce existing laws, not create new laws that do nothing to deter criminals and madmen.

The Second Amendment was drafted to protect our First Amendment rights, and according to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect review of this request, and will hold you accountable for your response to it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Patriot Voices and conservative patriots nationwide in support of the Second Amendment and against efforts to implement "universal background checks."

published Pam Geller-Free Speech in Forum 2013-03-04 22:52:45 -0500

Pam Geller-Free Speech

I strongly protest the ostrasation of Pam Geller from the CPAC conference, apparently at the instigation of Grover Norquist. NO ONE should be allowed to dictate who is to speak and who is not, particularly considering Norqusit's ties to certain unsavory organizations and individuals not conducive to the best interests of the welfare of our nation. I urge that every speaker scheduled to appear withdraw their agreements, or protest this action vociferously, and those who are to attend demand refunds. Pam Geller is a greatly admired, courageous woman, and does not deserve to be so insulted by a traitor like Norquist.

Chylene Ramsey
I am a veteran, served three years active duty Army as a Flight Operations Specialist, stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. HHC HQ CMD. I spent 5 years in the Air Force Reserve, 70th APS, stationed at Homestead Air Force Base, Homestead, Florida. I live no