Chris McDaniel: Candidate for U.S. Senate from Mississippi


I am pleased to be supporting Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate.     He is a proven conservative who will be guided by the U.S. Constitution as he votes on issues before the U.S. Senate.  He is particularly focused on finding ways to restore the American dream for blue collar Americans.  Chris McDaniel will champion policies in the U.S. Senate that can provide economic opportunity and upward mobility for hard working families in Mississippi.   

As is often the case in closely-watched campaigns, this race has succumbed to the distractions of unfortunate political theater.  It is time to return to a discussion about the issues that matter to the future of this country.  When it comes to the battle of ideas, Chris McDaniel offers a fresh perspective and a commitment to conservative principles that is much-needed in Washington.  

In the Mississippi legislature, Chris has been a champion to stop the aggressive overreach of the government.  He has been a fighter for our 2nd Amendment rights, the right to life, a fiscally responsible government and stopping Obamacare.  He has been a staunchly conservative leader in Mississippi, and I am confident he will bring that dedicated spirit to the U.S. Senate. 

~Senator Rick Santorum 







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