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Agree. Thanks so much.

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Become a Volunteer

Patriot Voices needs your help! If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, please complete the form below and a member of our staff will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for adding your voice!

signed Honoring Our Veterans 2014-11-10 21:44:51 -0500
In Honor of my Father (82nd and 101st Airborne), my brother Neal (10th Mountain), and my brother Donnie (infantry, disabled).

72 your name!s


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Thanks be to God.

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Brandon Brewer, your comments make me love Rick Santorum even more.

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New EPA Regulations will kill jobs and hike consumer energy bills.

“Hardworking families across this country continue to face an uphill climb as long as President Obama is in the White House. With the announcement that he has put into place job-killing regulations on coal-fired plants, hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their jobs.” Rick Santorum

I stand with Patriot Voices because:

  • These regulations from the EPA are unfair and unnecessary and will cost thousands of workers their jobs and millions more will face higher energy costs.
  • Obamacare is a heavy-enough burden for an economy coming out of the worst recession since the great depression.
  • With our shrinking economy, we cannot afford even more burdens and roadblocks on businesses that want to be hiring workers.
  • This radical proposal to stop “climate change” is part of the elite liberal agenda and is not supported by hardworking Americans across the country.

Enough is enough, President Obama. Stop the war on jobs and stop hurting American families.


2,168 signatures

signed Stop IRS regulations 2014-02-25 15:55:33 -0500

129 signatures


  • The IRS has proposed harmful regulations that will silence the voice of conservatives across the country and curtail the activities of 501(C)4 organizations just like ours! 
  • If these regulations are allowed to go into effect, they will categorize the following important community activities as "political": voter registration, candidate forums and debates, voter guides, voting records of incumbents and even public statements by officers or leaders of the organization.
  • This is a violation of our First Amendment rights under the Constitution and an example of the extreme lengths that the Obama Administration will go to quiet the opposition.  
  • DEADLINE: We have until February 27th to comment on these regulations and demand a public hearing!


Please do not approve these proposed regulations which will impact my ability to express my First Amendment rights under the Constitution.  The IRS is not a political entity, yet these regulations are politically motivated in an attempt to silence conservative voices.  I ask that you do NOT approve these misguided regulations. I also request a public hearing on this proposed regulation. 

  • Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives and tell them you're concerned!
  • Add your name below to let us know that you plan to take action!
  • Spread the word to every conservative you know! Sample posts for Twitter and Facebook:

TWITTER: Don't let IRS silence your conservative voice! Join @patriot_voices & @RickSantorum in this fight! Deadline: Feb 27 

FACEBOOK: Don't let the IRS silence your conservative voice! Join Patriot Voices and Rick Santorum in the fight to stop the IRS from imposing harmful regulations against conservative organizations. 

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Agree. He is not governing. He is dictating.

signed Demand the truth about Benghazi 2013-06-07 11:30:50 -0400
Thanks for doing this. We all deserve answers to these questions.

Demand The Truth about Benghazi!

5,497 signatures

It’s been more than two years and we still don’t have answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya when four brave Americans were killed on September 11, 2012. 

While the White House is doing its best to quietly and purposefully sweep this tragedy under the rug, we are Patriot Voices are refusing to back down.

We refuse to back down until former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes out of the dark and starts answering the important questions about who knew what and when.

Former Secretary of State Clinton asked "what difference, at this point, does it make?"  It makes a big difference.  The truth matters, and the victims' families as well as the American people deserve to know what happened.  Watch this video and help us demand that Hillary Clinton come clean on the following:

•         Who knew what and when?

•         Why were warnings ignored?

•         Was there a cover up?

•         Why were the talking points changed 12 times?

•         Why did her spokesperson delete critical facts regarding the attacks?


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Thanks, Rick and Karen, for sticking up for parental rights.

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Actually, it does change current U.S. law. Please watch the CRPD press conference on the video page.

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Hi, everyone. I’m still here, just being patient until something is posted on this page as an update. I do refresh my page every couple of minutes to see if there’s an update. Tecnical problems happen sometimes. I hope everyone will stick around until there’s an update on the page from someone with Patriot Voices, but if you are unable to stay, I’m sure Karen understands. I’m helping my daughter with her homework as I wait. Summer, I’ll check my email. Blessings, everyone! I know Karen appreciates you, one and all!

signed Stop Gutting Welfare Reform 2012-09-07 13:20:09 -0400


Tell President Obama: Stop Gutting Welfare Reform!

1,052 signatures

President Obama has spent the better part of his time in office abusing the power of the presidency. Whether it’s his administration not enforcing immigration laws, stopping the enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act or illegally placing a moratorium on offshore drilling, the list is long, troubling, and it keeps growing.

Just recently, President Obama chose yet again to dismiss the actions of Congress from more than 15 years ago by gutting the work requirements in the welfare reform bill of 1996. Just like that, he essentially rewrote this legislation and transformed its intent.

This welfare bill ended a federal entitlement for the first time, and proved a success as welfare caseloads dropped by nearly half, and child poverty among affected groups plummeted.

But times have changed. Today, thanks to President Obama, big government and welfare has made a comeback. Now, 1 in 4 children in America is on food stamps and living in historically high levels of poverty.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with President Obama. If you agree, please make your voice heard by signing our petition today.

Lisa M Graas
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