Speaker Boehner has attempted to punish members of Congress whose votes have not been in line with party leadership. 

He stripped Congressman Mark Meadows of his subcommittee chairmanship because Meadows voted against a procedural motion on trade legislation.

Fortunately, people spoke out against the attack on Congressman Meadows and the decision to strip him of the subcommittee chairmanship was reversed.  In the words of Congressman Meadows, "The voice of the people still matters. ... It matters to me. It matters to members of Congress and we can't forget that.”

It is time to put a stop to the bullying of conservatives by their own party, because if we don’t speak out loud and clear, it WILL happen again. 

Please add your name to our petition and tell Speaker Boehner that Members of Congress should be able to vote in the interest of their constituents and their conscience without the threat of retribution from House leadership.

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get rid of libral communist republicans like Boehner ..maccannel maccain
signed 2015-07-16 09:56:50 -0400
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Planned parenthood must go. I am sick I mean I’ll vomitus or downright upset to hear of the future voices being silenced and sold for parts. This is bigger than those beheading bastards.
signed 2015-07-16 09:53:42 -0400
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ALL Republicans are on the same team and MUST work together or we will lose again to the dumacrats!!! God bless you!!!
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Boehner – a Democrat (RINO)
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Tell the drunk to step down and nominate a Tea Party conservative!
signed 2015-07-16 09:44:39 -0400
The Republicans have lost their way. Their actions speak louder than words.
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signed 2015-07-16 09:44:21 -0400
No way on this earth should be the Speaker of the House! You have proven to this country that you cannot be trusted and you will sell out to anyone! You were put their to rein in the president, but you became his greatest allie! You should hang you head in shame and resign immediately! Then you may retire and become Barry’s Caddy. That’s all you would be good for!!!!!!
signed 2015-07-16 09:44:15 -0400
I think it is time for YOU to figure out that we, The People, don’t like your gestapo tactics. YOUR opinion is not necessarily that of a majority of the voters, and those people you are punishing work for US. We EXPECT them to vote on behalf of us and the opinions we hold. If you don’t like it, RESIGN. You would be doing all of us a favor!
signed 2015-07-16 09:44:10 -0400
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