Blue Collar Conservatives

Blue Collar Conservatives

Once upon a time, Ronald Reagan was a Republican leader so charismatic he won over an entire segment of "Reagan Democrats."Today, the Republican party can barely muster its own base. Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum provides a game plan for Republicans to bounce back, regain popularity, and return to the party's original values: the solution rests on rediscovering blue collar conservatives. 

In 2012, a mass of blue collar voters, enough to have tipped the balance of the electoral college in favor of the Republican candidate, simply stayed home on election day. Why? Despite their deeply conservative values, they had lost faith that the Republicans spoke for them and had their backs. In Blue Collar ConservativesRick Santorum calls for the GOP to get back in touch with this base. Enough with pandering. Enough with focusing on business owners to the exclusion of everyone else - the vast majority of Americans - who work for them. Republicans need to regain the trust of the hard-working members of every family and community across America whose most immediate problems are lack of jobs and opportunity. 

This inspiring and challenging new book is sure to make a splash this mid-election year and beyond.

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