A Strong Moral Foundation

First and foremost my dream for America is that all of us citizens and our elected officials follow God's laws as expressed in the ten commandments and the natural law: and respect life, religious liberty, and traditional marriage; and do what is necessary to strengthen our families. This will form a strong moral foundation for re-building us as a great country.

I further dream of an America that does not burden us with additional taxes, spends no more than it takes in, and reduces and soon eliminates our debts and deficits. This will contribute to providing an environment for businesses, especially small businesses to flourish and provide jobs for all who want to work. I dream too of an America in which all of its citizens can receive a good education.

To make this possible I will learn about and vote for the best candidates, for all elected offices, that will work toward these goals; communicate to my elected officials what I want them to suppiort; and work with Patriot Voices ( possibly forming a local chapter of Patriot Voices ) to support conservative causes and candidates. I pray too regularly for our country, and its citizens and elected officials, to get back on the right moral track.

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What do you mean by “natural law”?
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