Ben Sasse - Candidate for U.S. Senate from Nebraska

Sasse.jpg"Ben Sasse is a leader with a fresh conservative vision. A fifth generation Nebraskan, Ben Sasse came home and turned around a college that is now consistently one of Nebraska's fastest growing schools.  Ben has taken that dynamic leadership to the campaign trail and proven to Cornhuskers he won't buckle under Washington pressure.

We need conservative fighters in Washington right now.  Ben will be a fighter for Nebraska jobs and a sustainable American workforce.  He will be a fighter for Nebraska's families.

Ben Sasse will be a fighter on life issues and on issues that support our families. Ben Sasse says he will be a 'champion for the unborn,' and I believe him.  With Ben's leadership on pro-life issues and his family's long history of involvement in the pro-life cause, I know Ben will make the pro-life fight a central part of his Senate tenure on Day One. Ben will bring energy and strength of character to the Senate chamber and quickly position himself as a steady force that can deliver results.

~Senator Rick Santorum 





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