Take Action Against CRPD

The CRPD is coming back up in the Senate, and it's time to get ready for it.  Patriot Voices is already taking action (click here to sign the Patriot Voices petition against CRPD if you haven't already), but here are a few more ways to make a difference!

PETITION: America's Youth Against CRPD

Young people can join the fight against the CRPD too!  Sign the Freedom's Defenders petition "From America's Youth: Reject the UN  CRPD" at www.ipetitions.com/petition/americas-youth-against-crpd.

Freedom's Defenders also set up an online store with "STOP the UN CRPD" gear... order now so you can have it ready when the final vote is scheduled! www.therepublicanexpress.com/Freedom_Defenders_Gear_s/7646.htm

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