Let's face it.  Obama won.  Yes there was fraud.  But unfortunately, that won't change it.

We've got a candidate for 2016.  You've probably figured out that most of the members of Patriot Voices like him a lot.  His name is Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum ran in the Republican primary for the 2012 GOP nomination, earning tremendous support among social conservatives.  After he suspended his campaign, he founded Patriot Voices and the Patriot Voices PAC,  which have been very active in supporting Mitt Romney and conservative leaders across the nation.



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i would prefer rick and jindal as a ticket
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Is there a possibility for a Rick Santorum / Paul Ryan third party ticket? a Tea Party ticket? IMO previously everyone said that starting a third party OR running a right wing conservative would guarantee a Democratic win. I totally disagree. I believe this election proved it. there was no serious third party candidate, and the Republican party ran a moderate and lost.

I believe that a Conservative Right Win Tea party would get the conservative vote. The leftisists would then go Democratic. The worst scenario in my mind in this picture would be that the Republican Moderate would get elected. I could live with that better than i can the destruction of our Constitution by electing a leftists, socialist Democrat.

AND if there are enough of us conservative right wing Tea Party members as I believe there to be, we might just win that election.

I am not saying this is the be all, end all answer, but I hope it will propel some thought.

We seem to be fiddling while our country is burning.

Laura Ingrahm made a statement earlier on todays show that I will paraphrase as best that I can.

She said: If the Republican party has become the party that is 1 point to the right of the Democratic party….they are not my party.

I agree totally with her.

Food for thought.
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