Place the blame for this on the ones that started this.

I just got your computer phone call. Rick, you want to lay all the blame for the NSA spying on President Obama. Why is that? Do you know something about him starting the spying? Why not place the blame on the President and his administration and his party, my party? President Bush and his administration and the Republican Party was hell bent on saving us from ourselves after the attack on 9/11. We are now living with the fall out of those decicions that were fast tracked to protect us that are now destroying us. Stop the party line attacks and work together and regien in the out of control crap that is destroying our freedoms. Obama didn't start this, we all did. We didn't start it from starting in the first place.
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There are two things in play here.
First, the reason I am here is to try and get this organization to say the soldiers should not be ignored during War. For that I need help from people posting here. My initial, direct emails failed.
Second, whereas Americans are forbidden to support the soldiers in this War, they are allowed to maul the prior Administration over current NSA excesses. Since that is permitted, Americans flock to it. You cannot as an American help our soldiers during this War, but you can decry procedures used during it. The first is deemed to hurt the Democrat Party and so is barred by the Republican and Democrat leadership. The second does not hurt the Democrat Party, as long as the blame falls on the prior Administration.
My goal is to discourage enemy soldiers for the sake of the soldiers currently fighting. I have failed miserably. The measures enacted to prevent another 9-11 for the most part worked. It is the current Administration which employs them against political enemies. But you are not allowed to say that (I just did). You are allowed to attack the prior Administration and thousands do. Hopefully you conclude it is wrong during War to be pressured to ignore our soldiers, just because it is deemed to hurt the fortunes of the Democrat Party if you help the soldiers.
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I’m so glad you reminded me we are at war. The part I guess I didn’t understand was that every American is concidered an enemy. If you are one that thinks this just started against Americans think on this. We have been signing away our right to privacy since Bush got all this done.
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We are at war.
NSA was allowed to track the enemy’s attempts to do more attacks on American soil.
It worked.
The New York Times did all it could to help the enemy overcome it. Its leaks helped the enemy.
Meanwhile, NSA and those doing similar work had to stay quiet so they could continue to protect us.
Once the new administration came in, suddenly the New York Times befriended the NSA, as did the Administration’s other political allies.
And then the NSA began doing more than it should, as did the IRS, and who knows how many other federal agencies, all to benefit the Administration politically.
Those excesses need condemned. We are at war. What was meant for protecting us during war, should not be tapped to advance a political party. That appropriation should be condemned.
You have an administration during war ignoring the war so as to focus on political gain.
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