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this has nothing to do with this article but--- I used to own a natural gas van and gave a plan for our economy to John McCain via Fred Thompsons bus while he was campaigning for McCain---Want do you think if you could travel for way less then a dollar a gallon??--OK--Here is a short version--- There are 350 million sq miles in the us including water surface. If we were to put a natural gas pump every 25 sq miles at an estimated cost of 250,000 dollars it would equal 50 billion dollars ( I worked as an estimator for seven years for a very large mechanical contractor). There are not underground natural gas lines everywhere so the vehicle would have a switch to automaticly transfer the gas supply from natural to propane gas so you could make it to the next fill up station. More stations should be put in the densely populated areas and less in the sparsely populated areas. A no interest government loan should be offered to filling station owners. All money will be paid back.This would be a zero cost to the taxpayer!! This is just for a new start and as time goes on there would be nat gas pumps at every station in due time. If you had just a compact car on natural gas today your transportation cost would be the equivalent to around 45 cents a gallon!! Now wouldnt this really spark this economy???? And wouldnt this really clean up the air?? There are hardly no emissions! You can park in your garage with it running for hours and still breath fine! There are no carbon deposits on the internal engine parts. The internal engine stays as clean as the day it was installed. The engine oil never turns black and looks just like it did the day you put it in! You still must change it because it loses its viscosity. I have much more to say but it seems useless anymore. The dems have stopped it when Reagan wanted to do this and the republicans wont hear of it! And just think--We have enough natural gas in this country right now for ALL our total energy use for at least one hundred years!!! We could be totally energy independent in a matter of three years!! And with a booming economy!! I dont know how to put it on utube. Maybe i will find someone that can help me with that.

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