What is Your American Dream?

Patriot Voices wants to know: What is your American Dream? What are you doing to make that happen? Tell us below, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more about the American Dream.

The End of Hatred

The end of Islam, the end of end of anti-semitism, and the tar and feathering of Obama and the entire Democratic party, and the public banishing of the Clintons, and the Norquists, with or without a prior exorcism.

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To seek truth, beauty and goodness

I'm searching for happiness, which is the longing of every human soul.  As Augustine said centuries ago, our hearts were made for you Oh God, and they will not rest until they rest in you.

I'm trying to do my part by joining Patriot Voices and promoting conservative principles in my community.  I'm also working on being the best mom, wife and physician I can be.

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hard work

Reap the benefits of the money I make by working hard and saving.
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Freedom to Teach About Firearms

I enjoy helping families carry on the legacy of a people trained to bearing arms. Free training: http://guntrust.org 

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It's simple.....not

Thanks to our free trade agreements I was laid off in 2007 from the hosiery industry. I had worked at the same mill for over 24 years and was making a good wage. Since being laid off I retrained by earning a degree in Digital Effects and Animation. I found work, but got laid off again a year later. I am now back in school studying Web design. I would simply like to have a job that will allow me to keep my current home and live comfortably. To have free time to enjoy doing things other than working or going to school.

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Freedom to go and do those things I choose to do.

With the current debt level and the regulatory issue from the DOE and EPA our country's economic climate is so stymied that even I cannot afford to just relax and unwind. The stress and worry level is to high. I spend all my time reading legislation in the state and federal houses and writing and calling and pleading for fiscal and logic control. I'd like to simply have dinner and enjoy a small trip to the beach without concern if I will need that money tomorrow!

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I want freedom from to much government control,

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Freedom and liberty for all!

Focusing on freedom and liberty rather then materialism which is what the American Dream has morphed into.

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My American Dream

My American dream is simple: to work hard, provide for my family, own a home and enjoy a long life with my wife and children.

My American dream is to build a career that not only gives my family a happy and prosperous life, but that makes a this country and our world a better place. I want to give back to my country, not because the government compels me to do so, but because I believe in the purpose of America.

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