What is Your American Dream?

Patriot Voices wants to know: What is your American Dream? What are you doing to make that happen? Tell us below, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more about the American Dream.


My dream is not what it used to be.  It has changed as America has changed.  My dream no is to be left alone to make my own choices and to live with the result of those choices.  While at the same time having my country make good on the promises that it made to me over the years.

I do not think that is too much to ask.

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Me a surgeon?

I want to be a surgeon... that's my American Dream. I'm a 20-year-old girl from Maryland. How I'm making my dream come true doesn't make sense to some but it's the right path for me: I am in nursing school right and when I earn my RN I will use it to earn money and experience for the next phase of my training. 

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Barack Obama is a socialist, communist and Muslim and should be impreached.

I think Barack Obama wants to destroy our Freedom, and make us all dependent on the Government. That is not what our forefathers came to this country to do.  They came for religious freedom and complete freedom.  We must elect a strong Conservative in 2016, not a moderate like the Repubican Party wants to do.  I am retired and 70 years old and never though I would lose the country I love, but that is exactly what Barach Hussein Obama is doing, trying to destroy the United States of America. 

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One thing I am doing is bringing my 12 year old daughter, to cpac for the third straight year. She is learning so much and becoming comfortable with the concepts enshrined in our founding documents. She has worked on campaigns...doorbelled, sign waved, and debated issues with older peers (who are liberal and don't usually know why they are for or against anything). She is learning how her faith and public policy work together and we thank the Santorum family for blazing a trail in this time in history to show us how that can be done. God Bless you Rick and Karen!

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Equal and Fair laws

The state of the state by facts.Not opinions or ill made decisions?

 Our elected and appointed officials should not be able to ignore the constitution when they chose to or when it is favorable and less trouble than looking at it. Our officials seem to place themselves above us after in offices in a god like manor I guess. With one sweep of the hand millions of families are not important enough. Millions of votes could be gained doing the right thing and showing people you mean what you said trying to get elected or appointed. Of course that would be votes from people with no money or corporations to use as power. Almost every statement in the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and Consumer Protection Act.  About all the wrongs and violations it takes to be called deceptive trade are violated with TDLR A/C statement of “it’s legal” in MH’s only.  To cover major wrongs and injustices. To cover NOT HAVING ANY LAWS OF PROTECTION AT ALL is a better way to put it. No laws that even make sure HVAC is installed with the basic “required” manufactures  parts. No laws to stop sabotaged set-ups. Only an open, protected, field day for bogus companies and harm causing individuals. All protected with it’s legal. The same it’s legal would never pass anywhere in Texas or the entire USA.  Health and safety, and protection from scams? Not a one for us. Clean safe air and efficient operation of the air handler should not be a part of buying a lower quality home.  Ignored to create income for sure? But for who? The poor boy getting 10 an hour to learn how to install HVAC un safe and incorrectly?  The other into the pocket of the company that is guaranteeing his quick return and many un needed services.

 We have wolves guarding the hen house. That is bad enough. But when that is used to commit frauds, deny rights, and create scams. It is wrong. It should be a sin. We are being treated just like the saying goes-Like trailer trash. The entire world and every state of our union has made this illegal because of the health hazards that are  guaranteed to be created. The mechanical problems that are guaranteed to be caused is also a long list of reasons, used by all, to make it not pass codes and make it illegal. It is illegal in every home or office in Texas. Except for the one place that our law makers decided it can be made legal. In manufactured homes only. Nice way to keep it segregated. Legally? The TDLR sees all this as an opportunity to abuse their power and scam the poorest homeowners in Texas.  It also shows large corporations and others that Texas will bend the rules to get them here. The side effects of it all cost only the poor. So who cares about that? An act of terrorism is what it is called when I state the truth. Not one A/C company or License and Regulations office in this entire country can defend this action of the TDLR. Not one school of Air Conditioning or Environment. Not any TDLR A/C expert. They all can not come up with just one good thing it does for any consumer. TDLR can only say it is legal in manufactured homes only because that is the way we do it in Texas. That is a quote from them not made up or my comment. There are over 40 facts and legitimate reasons that prove this should never be done anywhere. It is illegal in the zoos of Texas. It causes damage to A/C. It waste electricity because of efficiency loss. It causes 100% humidity after a few years of operation. It requires two filters every two weeks per TDLR to keep it clean. How many do any of you use at your office or home? It could all be fixed with one filter and one tie-in in the correct places and installed correctly. Not one cent of extra cost to anyone.  It has nothing to do with materials used. It is only the way they are legally allowed to be used and installed.

 This teaches young A/C installers and mechanics that work on mobile homes that it is OK to install it completely wrong.  It is OK to set-up sabotage is what they KNOW after a short period of time working with the TDLR’s advice and photo of HOW TO DO IT. Please get TDLR’S photo from them. I can prove over 35 reasons to never do it in the mannor they show as OK for mobikle homes only. Prove over 35 facts. Not just the one lame opinion of a heater box manufacturer in the valley? That is the BEST TDLR can come up with? WHY? Ask someone that manufacturers A/C to show or explain what their unit REQUIRES when installed with people in the environment or just to protect the HVAC equipment properly? TDLR can not do that now for some reasons? It  teaches them no ethics needed. It teaches them to ignore facts and just slap it in. It causes Texas to have uneducated lower class workmen in the trade. They never have to learn the correct installation method. They are never taught the dangers and damages they cause are harmful. Simply hurry up and be sure to leave stickers for homeowners to see when checking on troubles with the unit that he does not understand. Lots of return visits per year and cleaning contracts required. Cleaning of the parts that should never be exposed to the dirt that you get trapped in your filter. Imagine a years worth of the coating on your filters? It all ends up on the Air Handler and In the air handlers system the way TDLR says to do it in manufactured homes only. There is no possible to have a sealed system with the climate controlled system that TDLR has for us. That is the # 1 basic for all HVAC manufacturers in the entire world. Millions of Texas families are not good enough or better yet millions of Texas families can create possibly billions? But for whose gain?

 Consumers are denied the installation method that HVAC manufacturers use as standard and “required” installation method instructions. It voids their warranty when it is installed the Texas manufactured home only method.   Consumers are placed in a guaranteed to have created health hazards environment when this is allowed.  Consumers rights are denied.  Consumer protection is denied.  Consumer safety is denied.  Consumers effective operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment is denied . Home owners rights are denied. But only one branded consumer gets all this done by its government. This is done in Texas only. This is done to manufactured homeowners only. This is done to people who pay for a four ton A/C system but legally get a sabotage set-up put in place instead because of nothing but the type of home their family lives in. 100% humidity after a few years of the flawed set-up. Just another result of the set-up that occurs with nothing but time and operation of the improperly installed HVAC system. The U haul climate controlled self storage units can not use this set-up.  It would never pass codes.

 The safe and effective air handling that is required for all people by laws is eliminated completely and immediately upon installation in the legal for mobile homes only method. All laws and codes say it is illegal in any other home or office of America.

 It is damage causing and wrong. It is easy to prove how wrong and damage causing it is to install A/C equipment in the Texas mobile home only fashion. It is against all installation codes for every other building in this entire country. Some one official should see the red flags? Why are we chosen for the sabotaged, unsafe, most expensive running cost A/C set-up that is possible?

 It would not cost the builders one cent to do it correctly. It would not cost any installer of A/C one cent to install it the way A/C manufacturers designed it to be done.  Every HVAC manufacturer on this planet says: “it voids our warranty”. My homeowners insurance (that is required) states : “we do not pay for damages that are caused by improper installation of appliances or equipment”. Clayton Homes says “call the A/C  company that installed it”. Action Aire says : “call Clayton Homes”. After years of complaining to both Action Aire says to call the TDLR. The Texas Department of License and Regulation.

 TDLR is the place that makes this provable damage causing system legal , but in manufactured homes only. There are many details and very many facts left out of this letter. I call the TDLR damage causing. I have much more and every statement here (especially TDLR’s damage causing system) can be proven without a doubt.  That is to any one or to any court. Or to any HVAC expert any where. TheTDLR denies that as a consumer right also. Wrong opinions are used to make laws that effect millions of families and that number grows yearly. Proof means nothing. Because it is legal? There are damage causing laws being used that is for sure. What does the Consumer Protection Agency stand for? Who do they protect when it comes to provable scams and fraud? Not Us.  All places that help  citizens or consumers  say it is not their job to look into this. Just look at the years of honest work that could be created to repair this flawed installation method. Millions of customers would need the service.


 Please contact me for more details or proof of any statement.


Tim Glover



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Mark Newell

My dream for America is that truth and common sense would overrule the lies and stupidity that are ruining our country.  

My dream for America is that we will love liberty more than government programs.  And rather than working for income equality -- that we would be champions of economic freedom and opportunity.  

My dream for America is that our spiritual values would be respected -- that our conscience's would not be violated by a domineering and out-of-control government.  What I plan to do is pray, vote and let my voice be heard.

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Absolish this Destructive Democratic Party

At 61 with a successful Business I do not see a good future for my Kids or Grand Kids as long as this Destructive democratic party has any control

They would rather do Evil than what is Good and right

Abolish this evil Destructive Democratic Party, they are not , far from the old John Kennedy Democrats,

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God's values

A resurgence of morality, integrity, honesty and personal responsiblity.  The freedom gifted to us by God.   An end to political corruption and the corruption of our public schools.

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May we be united under God

My dream is also my prayer, that this American society will experience a cleansing of the soul, and will once again look up and give thanks to the Lord for His countless blessings to us all.

May decency, reverence and honor once again define us, and may the American experience bring peace to all those who partake of these blessings.

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My American Dream is to see that obama is impeached and imprisoned.  I intend to make that happen by continuing to stay on my Representatives and Senators, and by encouraging all my friends and email buddies to continue to do the same.  obama and his cronies are raping and ruining our Country, disregarding our Constitution, and abusing powers--he and michelle, et al need go and go now...............

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