What is Your American Dream?

Patriot Voices wants to know: What is your American Dream? What are you doing to make that happen? Tell us below, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more about the American Dream.

Going Back to Our Christian Roots

I wish the American people would realize the truth that is stated in the Declaration of Independence and act to not allow tyranny to take over.  I pray for this daily and offer up daily Mass for this.  I have that portion of the Declaration of Independence displayed in my home.  I make sure I vote for candidates that support these values and tell my friends and most of my family about them.



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Another dream seed

I dream of bringing hated enemies together for peace and reconciliation
at our state capitol of Wisconsin (site of polarized protests in 2011)...
that is built on a sacred site of peace and reconciliation for Native Americans...
with 22 circular chambers to support gatherings without hierarchy.

Below are some tools I'm exploring:


Peace and Reconciliation Tools/Techniques
  1. Supportive space... in circle, energy prepped, intentions set, four element altar
  2. Co-facilitators... 3D lead and multi-D support
  3. Connect w higher self, Spirit, purpose, and each other... via drum, dance, chant, breath, fire, pipe, touch, gratitude, yoga, check-in, bibliomancy, oracle cards, etc.
  4. Weave techniques like NonViolent Communication, Heartmath, BePeace, and Iroquois Peacemaking with intuition and energy work
  5. Talking stick... with pauses and breath to fully hear and acknowledge before speaking (without fixing, advising, debating, analyzing)
  6. Perspective of the soul... e.g.  Newton, Myss, Reconnections
  7. Power of the infinite... e.g. Shared Mission/Vision/Values, Shared Dream, Love Without End, GoldenAgeofGaia, ShiftNetwork, Legend of the Peacemaker



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One dream seed

I've planted many dream seeds here in Madison WI (once known as America's Laboratory of Democracy)...
working with both left and right, secular and spiritual...
reaching for a higher power and purpose...
where ALL can grow...
at a soul level.

Here is one such seed:


I Have a Dream
for NEW independence
and INTER-dependence

I have a dream
that all God's children will awaken and arise
taking responsibility for their reality
and seeing all as valuable
when seen from a higher perspective.

I have a dream
that We The People of America's Laboratory of Democracy
will help birth a bold new experiment in democracy
empowering ALL the people
and honoring the divinity WITHIN the people

I have a dream
that judgment, blame, and attack
will transform to love, acceptance, and self-examination
seeing our problems as our greatest opportunities
and our enemies as our greatest dance partners

I have a dream
that intellectual arrogance will honor intuitive knowing-ness (and vice versa)
and left-brain dogma will honor whole-brain being (and vice versa)
seeing life's purpose from a higher perspective
and life's being as multi-dimensional mystery

I have a dream
that rugged independence will give way to elegant inter-dependence
transcending dependence and co-dependence
with both right and left wing finding value in their opponents' beliefs
and common values and needs beneath their thoughts, feelings, and dreams

I have a dream
that freedom can finally ring
for all people and all life
in synergy with universal law
and the soul within us all

May we be free at last
May we be free at last
Thank ALL within us
May we be free at last

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Without our dreams, we perish

I have a dream
that We The People will rise above our rigid righteousness and judgments...
to walk the talk of our revered teachers and models...
like here, here, or here

It starts with deep inner work...
e.g. here, here, and here...
and concludes with higher perspectives...
e.g. here, here, and here.

I've spent 25 intense years on this work...
humbled by the task...
grieving deeply...
yet finding little else to give me hope and peace.

I do work on the outer as well...
honoring and respecting all beliefs...
even if I don't embrace them...
like here

"Without our dreams, we perish"



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legislation, business and civic leaders wrap every action around the Theme "What's a Kid Worth"


My son Gage Bridges age 11 and I have worked on a report he's written entitled "What's a Kid Worth" and was posted last week on www.trac5.org front page under the video.

In the report it address the large percentage of GDP attributed for children/youth in "Trillions" and the contract/decline since  1975 in the Child Well being index studied by Duke University.


I"m a friend of Senator Ken Paxton TX of 10 years and he emailed this week that he wants to meet to discuss Gage's report.


I would like to discuss with you too Rick.


The ripple effect of everything that a child needs that their parents can provide in concentric circles should be the measuring stick to provide for and protect children and everyone can support this logic and it begins with parents having a job to provide for their kids, housing, utilities, safe neighborhoods, civic services, schools, doctors/hospitals, clothes, and all the other Industries after Diapers and Disneyworld  from Tourism to Candy, to sporting goods and everything in between - a select list is in the report - should be determined by what the kids need.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss with you.

Dan Bridges

I texted you today at 674 63 per CPAC Speech.  I'm sorry for the loss of your nephew.  God Bless.

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To Pursue it is a Privilige

Though I am only a junior in high school as of now, I've done alot of thinking about how I want to serve my fellow citizens. I plan on going to school to become an LPN after I graduate, and seeing where that takes me. 

I believe that attaining the American dream lies in acknowledging that our abilities, talents, and power to serve do not come from within ourselves, but rather from the power of God our Creator. To me, knowing that I'm utilizing my unique gifts to honor God and my country is what defines the American dream.


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Autistic American here

I am an Autistic American. I stand with Rand Paul. I admire Santorum. I wished he had won the race because I am seeing that the current administration does NOT stand for people with disabilities. My American dream is to have a boyfriend, gainful employment, a child and pets (a cat and a horse). I have the horse already. I have a Hollywood agent which is looking for me a job in Hollywood so I can educate others about autistic adults. I wear patriotic things and have been since 9/11/01 to show my support for the troops and first responders. All I want is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on my own terms because after all the Deceleration of Independence did not state that the person seeking those things have to be of sound mind and body.  

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Need some honesty

While I admit, I hadn't paid much attention to politics until after 9/11.  The idea that all the problems in the mid-east didn't affect me directly.  I was appauled on the attacks on our embassies and military targets but I was happy their were there to keep us safe.  9/11 changed all that.

We now have even more to worry about than threats from muslin fanatics but we are being attacked from within.  President Obama has weakened our country in every way.  He lies to the citizens of America....Sequestration, Benqanzi to name a few  He doesn't have ANY leadership which we so badly need.  President Obama only knows how to campaign and he is so worried about his legacy, he will abandon the American people. 

I hope that in 2014 we are able to not only hold onto the House but I hope we (conservatives) can take the Senate.  President Obama needs to be held at bay before he does more damage.  We may not be ale to repeal Obamacare but maybe we can defund it before it is in full force. 

Politicians are politicians but I hope we can elect some who REALLY put this country first over reelections. 


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I have never been for a political party per say.  I always believed in voting for whom I thought was best.  Obama caught me up the first time he ran in promises.  I was actually excited about politics!  But, we have lost what our founding fathers started back long ago.  I am 63, a Christian, and we have lost what our country should stand for.  Freedom, safety, God, for the people.  It is become more about lies, slander, who makes more money, and hurting those that need help the most like the poor and elderly.  Why cut social security or medicare?  It is all I have to live on.  I have a mental illness and because of Obama's Health Care Plan, no psychiatrists are taking Medicare any more.  Why go into space?  If God wanted us there He would put us there.  Take that money and all that is spent on frivolous things in government and fix what is wrong here in the USA.  The rich get richer and the poor poorer.  Losing homes is causing more homelessness.  We need to go back to the beginning when this country began and start over.

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I'm living the American Dream

To avoid using statistics like a drunken man uses lamp posts—support rather  than illumination—we should take a different look at the philosophy of gun  ownership in America. It doesn’t take a statistics professor to see that the  prohibition of drugs in this country has played a major, if not the largest,  role in the prevalence of gun violence here in the United States.

From a strictly economic point of view, the respected economist Milton  Friedman has keenly observed the role of the government has inadvertently  protected the drug cartels. By keeping drugs illegal, the government has kept  the little guy from entering the market. This lack of competition has kept the  prices of these illegal commodities high. What  better motivation is there than money to get a gun and use it to take  this illegal profit? To make matters worse, how would you feel about gun  control if your own government was responsible for supplying firearms to drug  traffickers?

The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has  developed a violent method to fight the never-ending war on drugs called “gunwalking.”

These sting operations have allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell to  unsuspecting criminals in hopes that these weapons will be tracked to drug  cartel leaders. The largest of these sting operations, Operation Fast and  Furious, has managed to collect only one-third of the total weapons dispersed as  of February 2012. Some of these guns have been found on crime scenes on both  sides of the border.

We have a government supplying weapons to criminals, assassinating “suspected” criminals without due process and, at the very same time, attempting  to disarm a collectively innocent population only hoping to protect themselves  from the enemy. The majority of the population is becoming increasingly  unsatisfied with the behavior of congress, yet there are voters among us who are  vehemently opposed to gun ownership.

The only role of government should be protection from violence, but what if  they were the ones with the gun pointed at us? What if our government has become  nothing more than a cartel themselves, engaged in price fixing, allocation of  customers, allocation of territories and the division of profits?

Imagine a new rule in place requiring you to pay for something that you  cannot afford, and morally have an obligation to avoid. Imagine your decision to  protect yourself from this financial burden by ignoring the violent threats that  have come through the mail. Imagine after ignoring those threats, the senders of  those threatening letters finally arrive at your door, gun in hand, with an  intent to kidnap you using intimidation and torture to get the money they say  you owe them. Imagine if you tried to protect yourself from this physical force.  You could be shot dead.

This new rule is a law. This payment is a tax. These thugs are wearing  uniforms that read “IRS” in big, bold, intimidating letters on the front and  back. That’s violence; that’s tyranny of the majority; that’s a gun pointed at  you.

With this new perspective, who is the real enemy here? If the guns leave,  then “We the People” leaves with it. The authority of the government stems from “the consent of the governed.” The government does not rule us; the government  serves us. We must not trust that through successive generations we will become  safer as a nation by slowly sacrificing our rights in exchange for pseudo-safety  from the state.

The war on drugs has given us nothing. The war on drugs has given criminals a  motivation for profit and, as a consequence, murder. We currently have a  hypocritical government shouting anti-gun rhetoric behind a blockade of  firepower. We have a government agency giving guns to murderous thugs and a  presidential administration aiming to take yours away. The solution is simple:  destroy the illegal drug trade and the tools of that trade will die with it.  Ending the war on drugs will  keep us much safer than any anti-gun  legislation. There are not any guns used in the production and distribution of  alcohol except where it is illegal. Simple common sense will reveal how  ineffective the war on drugs has been.


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