What is Your American Dream?

Patriot Voices wants to know: What is your American Dream? What are you doing to make that happen? Tell us below, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more about the American Dream.

Senator - What providential timing in your asking me this question!

My American dream - End abortion in America.  Place the rightful presidential candidate (Rick Santorum) in the White House today (not 2016!)  Protect our children from all onslaughts perpetrated against them.  Restore our nation's greatness, protect our liberties (all of them.)

Now to see what I and other patriots are doing to make this shared dream a reality, go to http://FundamentalError.com/ for the amazing solution that we are presently working through the federal court (as I write this!!)   And, tomorrow look for an alert to go across America with this message as an invitation to join and support this blockbuster (like no other, in the history of the world) case.  What else I have done includes: voted for and promoted Senator Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Randy Weber ...

Thanking Senator Rick Santorum once more for all he has done, is doing and will do for our nation - Michael T. Burns, Texas

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My American Dream

To remove the current running nightmare now in our White House.

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The Constitution

The Constitution signed by the Continental Congress represents all of my dreams for the American Dreamer Written for us and our Posterity. The Bill of rights the power to make those Dreams happen.

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My American Dream

My American Dream is for our country to recognize that Freedom is not Freedom without RESPONSIBILITY to God and to each other.  My dream is for children to grow up with a sense of responsibility, integrity and honor.  What I see now is a dependent society where children are not held responsible for their actions, parents don't parent and integrity and respect for each other has little use in our society.  Blame, deception and fear fills every aspect of our society these days, with the biggest evil existing in the news media who deceives and influences in a way that stirs up hate.

My American dream is for our children to have the courage and strength to search for truth and stand up for what is right by God and not accept lies and deceit in government and the media as a norm.

My American dream is for our children to grow up with integrity, TRUST and the moral principles given by God...which are necessary for a strong and resilient nation.

To make it happen, I first pray for God's guidance, because without God all the strategies and tools have no benefit.  I examine whether I am walking with integrity and speaking the truth.  I am working on not being afraid to speak up about my beliefs, which is hard in a society that condemns or marginalizes anything good sometimes.  I try to identify strengths in others, rather than focus on the weaknesses, which are easier to find.  I hold myself accountable, but also have high expectations for my leaders and do not accept lies and deceit.  I commit that I will never vote for or support someone who must lie to get a vote or to get ahead and I strive to recognize the truth amongst flowery words.

Within my community, I am trying to engage people in conversations about accepting lies and deceit as normal...and the dangers in doing so.

Finally, we are One Nation Under God and we must be One America not divided into parties.  Pres. Obama has done a great injustice to America by blaming and dividing.  You can never move forward (ironically) when blame and division are the guiding force.  My Dream for a leader is someone who wants to lead a country, not a party.  That being said, people like Karl Rove has been part of the problem that created an Obama.  Integrity must lead, not winning at any cost.

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My American Dream

As Republicans, we get knocked around for being out of touch with social justice, but I believe they are totally compatible, because we want to see a country where taxpayers are not going to be liable for laziness, and yet believe in compassionate capitalism. I also believe that it is time to enter into serious discussions about a flat tax.

I have no problem with paying my fair share of taxes if I know that it is not going to prop up some fat cat politicians and social programs which drain everyone of their resources including the middle class.

I believe there is totally compatibility also with not being homophobic and yet promote marriage between one man and one woman. We can disagree with a person without being ugly about their orientation.

America has always been great in my opinion because we have not only been faithful partners with our friends around the world in every way, but have also blessed our enemies as the Holy Scriptures encourage us to do.

In terms of foreign policy, we must always negotiate from a position of strength and the current position from Washington seems on the surface at least, to be one of containment and appeasement. This is disastrous and we can only look back at the Reagan era for proof that strength is the correct policy.

I also believe that we must always bless Israel which in itself does not mean that we take a strident view against her immediate neighbors either. All nations taking a stand against Israel have seen a decline in just about all aspects of their national life.

This is in a nutshell, my American Dream. 

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Roe v. Wade Overturned

My American Dream is to see Roe v. Wade overturned, with the recognition that each precious life in the womb, from conception, is a "person."  I believe that this change in the law will, in turn, spur a change in the hearts and minds of countless people in our nation and around the world.  And that it will impact how people first come to regard the earliest form of human life -- as sacred and deserving of protection.

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My American Dream is to move our society to service through Spirit & Sport (www.spiritnsport.com)

Dear Patriot Friends and Senator Santorum,

The dream is to build a facility and do sports training while also using that facility for great interaction between youth and senior citizens and so much more. We will do a kickstarter project in April and we have a book in the Senator's hands (Inspirations From The Bench) that highlights our American Dream. We can make this happen and take out of the government's hands the control and ultimate demise of our senior citizens by their "Board" who decides which senior gets treatments etc and instead make our youth the interactors with seniors and drive community services to them so theey meet their needs and live out their lives in dignity and love. One of the first statements by the new Pope Francis was the need to look after our senior citizensand how youth interaction was so needed and important. We have the American Dream, please join with us to make it a Patriot's voice across America!

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I have a dream to bring about a sense of community again.

I have a dream to bring about a sense of community again.  It was great when neighbors talked to one another, families went to church together, moms and dads stayed committed to marriage despite the struggles they faced.  Children were safe to play around the neighborhood and have sleep-overs.  I want to get back to that feeling of community. 

I live in a small town, I'm running for mayor and hope to instill some of those lost values of community.  I also am working with teenagers, our next generation, to encourage them to think about their neighbors as well. I started a non-profit organization that brings together churches, schools, government, and businesses to help at-risk youth and poor families through their difficult times.  We don't need the Federal Government to do this.  All we need are neighbors looking after neighbors.  Let's let the Federal Govt do what it was set up to do; infrastructure and national defense.  Let us take care of the social needs in our community.

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Freedom. Period.

My "American Dream" is to have the govnerment take care of the nation's business, implement "Fair" taxation, and then leave me alone!

As a senior citizen, I'd like to take care of myself as long as I can.  I'd like to be free of a permanent "address," and i'd like to be able to go fishing again without a myriad of licenses, fees, and regulations that vary widely.  Whoever heard of such crap as saltwater and freswater licenses.  Or licenses to catch shrimp, crabs, and the like?  The government has gone so regulation crazy that they take the fun out of life.

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Moving forward into greater freedom

I would like our nation to return to its Christian and Constitutional roots but I would like us to move ahead to new levels of freedom through personal, family, church, government, and cultural revival. We need to return individually and corporately to God with sincere hearts and deep repentance. I pray and proclaim to that end. Pastors and Christian leaders need to be emboldened to take strong Biblical moral positions and speak into the culture and the political process. The men of the church need to come out of the shadows, be transformed, and take the lead in their homes, communities, and churches to demonstrate the relevance of Christianity through personal example that transforms the culture through personal and family transformation. I am actively involved in leadership in a men's ministry in my church to help this happen.

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