What is Your American Dream?

Patriot Voices wants to know: What is your American Dream? What are you doing to make that happen? Tell us below, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more about the American Dream.


A Strong Moral Foundation

First and foremost my dream for America is that all of us citizens and our elected officials follow God's laws as expressed in the ten commandments and the natural law: and respect life, religious liberty, and traditional marriage; and do what is necessary to strengthen our families. This will form a strong moral foundation for re-building us as a great country.

I further dream of an America that does not burden us with additional taxes, spends no more than it takes in, and reduces and soon eliminates our debts and deficits. This will contribute to providing an environment for businesses, especially small businesses to flourish and provide jobs for all who want to work. I dream too of an America in which all of its citizens can receive a good education.

To make this possible I will learn about and vote for the best candidates, for all elected offices, that will work toward these goals; communicate to my elected officials what I want them to suppiort; and work with Patriot Voices ( possibly forming a local chapter of Patriot Voices ) to support conservative causes and candidates. I pray too regularly for our country, and its citizens and elected officials, to get back on the right moral track.

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Faith, Family, Freedom, & Opportunity

My American Dream is restoring the USA to be a nation where faith, family, freedom, and opportunity are protected.  A place where we are truly One Nation Under God.  A shining city on a hill.


This isn't going to happen by itself.  First and most importantly we must pray for our nation.  We must also volunteer for conservative candidates and support conservative organizations working to protect our freedom.

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Rex Bridges

It is my dream to see spiritual revival in America, the next great awakening.  The decadence and immorality that currently plagues our country is not pleasing to God.  We have turned away from Him and, as a country as well as individually, need to confess and turn from our sin.  In repenting of our sin, we can begin to restore the godliness necessary to sustain ourselves as a country and a society. 

In her posting, Tricia Raymond spoke well of virtue.  How great it would be to live in a society where virtue compels us to live with high moral value; where right and good are generated from us internally rather than being legislated (poorly) externally.  Many good thoughts on virtue are presented and discussed in two books worth reading, Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas (the story of William Wilberforce), and A Free People's Suicide by Os Guiness.  Good reads, both.

Let us confess our sin, pray for the country, and accept/recommit ourselves to Jesus Christ as our Savior.

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Rita Nutt

The dream posted by edward franz says it very well. I would love to see my grandchildren be able to live in an America that still lives by the Bill of Rights. I also dream of being able to tell children and young people the truth. Right now in our schools they learn revised history and science!

I pray daily to my Savior for our nation. I try to give people that I come in contact with daily hope and any help I can. I sign petitions for conservative causes and learn about candidates so I can vote for those who are pro-life and conservative. I run a children's ministry in our church where I do tell them the truth of the Bible- that they are created and special, that life is precious, and that there is hope through our Savior! I try to be positive and encouraging to folks around me and still keep them informed on important national topics. I don't want folks to get discouraged and give up!

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My American Dream

My American Dream is for our country to return to our forefathers dream of one country united under God who inspired the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that all people are created equal; we have a right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.  Our forefathers were God- fearing leaders who valued all life.  If you look at the type of problems we have experienced and continue to experience, they are since the legalization of abortion.  It has resulted in the murder of innocent, defenseless unborn babies.  The decline of morale values, family life and the lack of true faith has resulted since abortion was legalized.  If our government would abolish abortion, America may very well see some of its problems solved or greatly improved.  Dishonesty, self interest, and the murdering of the defenseless seems to be the rule currently.  Convincing Americans that good is evil and evil is good is currently forced upon us.  However, what is right and good will never change.  Evil and wrong , however, changes depending upon political motives.

We provide support for clinics that offer alternatives to abortion, vote for political candidates that have proven track records for respecting the Constitution, and provide our elected officials with our position on pending legislation. 

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My American Dream

My American dream is for my children and my grandchildren to enjoy the God-given freedom America has been blessed with.  But, unlike today's cultural definition of "freedom" - a freedom that encourages licentiousness and hedonism - my American dream is that our nation will return to the Judeo Christian principles that made it exceptional.  I cannot envision any path back to greatness that does not include a revival, of sorts, of virtue.  And frankly, I do not wish to live in an America that is economically prosperous, but morally bankrupt.  

Here is what I am doing to make this happen: I am writing books for youngsters about American history.  I am talking to parents and grandparents about the dangers our children and grandchildren face if we do not return to virtue.  It must start with us.  We must teach history the way it happened, not the way the left has rewritten it.  We must teach respect for America and our heroes.  We must live a life of virtue ourselves.  And we must keep talking to our children and grandchildren.  Tell them what freedom means to you.  What God has done in your life.  How your faith has helped you overcome struggles.  And tell them that freedom is not licentiousness, the right to do whatever you want to do.  

My American Dream is a return to a great nation where virtue is once again honored and respected.

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What would Jesus say?

In reading through the posted dreams, I hear common themes that seem similar to many right wing themes:

  • Return to original constitutional and conservative Christian values
  • More freedom from government
  • Defeat, convert, or eliminate liberals and non-Christians

I wonder what a modern day Jesus would say about such themes...
and how he would apply "Love your enemies".




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Government for the people and by the people

That everyone has the ability to fairly and freely pursue their happiness.  That we have a limited federal government that has gone back to its true roots, where they are only enacting laws that support the success of the family unit and provide incentives for people to do the right thing, such as charitable work. 

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One nation, under God

"One nation, under God" is the first statement made about the United States of America in the Pledge of Allegiance and I believe "One nation, under God" was included so that people know God is essential; those who do not accept Him are not pledging full allegiance to our nation. The founders of our nation knew that without God, our country would not survive.

My American Dream is that the faithful are empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray  for guidance from God and fight for what is right according to His will.  

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My Dream

To become a journalist for a major media outlet such as townhall.com  Currently im going to college studying broadcast journalism.

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