American Moms Concerned About Energy Production and Government Regulations

Verona, PA - On the third and final day of results from the Moms Know Best poll which sought opinions of moms in five important battleground states, American mothers revealed their strong views on oil and energy production, prices at the gas pump, the harmful effects of government regulations on middle class businesses and Medicare cuts within Obamacare. This poll indicates that moms across this country are deeply concerned about a broad array issues - including jobs and the economy, but also national security, energy independence and harmful government regulations.

To read the Day 3 results, please click HERE.

"As a mom myself, I agree that while jobs and the economy are top issues, I am equally concerned about our country's domestic energy production as it relates to our national security. I share the views of the respondents that we need to increase off-shore drilling and cut government regulations so starting a small business is easier to do," said Karen Santorum. "Overall, I think the results of this poll were remarkable and showed us that moms indeed know best. Women are not single issue voters, and we care about a broad spectrum of issues particularly when it has to do with the safety of our families."

Key findings on energy production, government regulations and Medicare cuts:

  • 78% of moms think the United States should increase off-shore drilling.
  • 79% of moms think government regulations need to be trimmed to incentivize people to start small businesses or expand existing ones.
  • When informed that Obamacare cuts Medicare funding, only 12% of moms thought this was fair. 

This poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, interviewed 2,500 moms online who have at least one child under 18 at home in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Virginia. The survey incorporated 15 open-ended questions, producing thousands of individual responses. Of the mothers interviewed, 729 were self-identified Independents, 911 were Democrats and 860 were Republicans. All were registered to vote. Please visit to find memos detailing the poll.

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