America Needs New Direction and Leadership on Tax Issue

By Rick Santorum

President Obama presides over the most complex, corrupt, unfair and anti-growth tax code system in the history of our country.  Even though we can’t have real tax reform until we have a new President and Congressional majorities that truly understand how to get this economy roaring again, I think Congressman Dave Camp’s approach of a two-rate tax reform plan is a good start and worthy of consideration. 

America needs a new direction and new leadership on the tax issue.  We need a pro-growth tax code that is pro-worker, pro-small business, and pro-manufacturing, and we need a federal tax code that is simple, honest, fair and pro-growth.  The Flat Tax and the Fair Tax both have appealing features, but there is no national consensus for either yet.

What I proposed in 2012 is scrapping the corrupt current federal code and replacing it with a simple, two-rate system along the Reagan model of 1986, albeit with important updates and improvements.  My approach was enthusiastically embraced by Main Street (victory in 11 states), and even by the Wall Street Journal

I look forward to reviewing all the particulars of Congressman Camp’s plan, and its implications for workers, for small business, and for manufacturing. All conservatives should study the plan carefully.   It will undoubtedly have strengths and weaknesses, and there is plenty time to test it and understand it.

The key at this moment is not to settle on a specific plan, but rather that our leaders should be actively developing new ideas for the future, and be educating the grassroots and the party’s leadership about the importance of bold, comprehensive tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-worker and pro-manufacturing. 

This is what I’m committed to. This is what Patriot Voices is committed to. And we’re not going to rest until we get the job done and move the country in the right direction.

Review Congressman Camp’s proposal here and his recent Wall Street Journal article here.

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