commented on Santorum Comments on Immigration Reform in Light of Cantor Loss 2014-06-12 21:06:25 -0400 · Flag
EXCELLENT! Thank you for speaking out about this critical issue!! Thank God #BlueCollarConservatives #TeaParty #ReaganDems #CCOT #TCOT #NRAAM #Fight4Life have a real friend in Rick Santorum. Praying TRUE Conservatives COALESCE early, first to take back the Senate 2014 and then the WH 2016. It’s not too late; but we better get it right THIS time. No time to fool around with a WEAK candidate who, for example, flirts with the idea of Amnesty in ANY form. All Christians need to pray for the poor people/children who are pawns in Obamas cruel political game.

commented on SANTORUM BLASTS OBAMA FOR ANEMIC ECONOMIC GROWTH 2014-04-30 22:05:11 -0400 · Flag
Great article, Rick! It’s been good to see you all over (media) with this great message of hope and a realistic PLAN for recovery of America’s economy. I was very impressed with your knowledge and insight on the Iranian situation in that oped in Time. It certainly said volumes about your foreign policy chops that it elicited an angry RESPONSE from the Iranian Gov. I don’t think they even take Obama’s calls! All that AND committed consistency on Faith and Family Values – bring me to the conclusion that YOU are the best hope for a desperately needed CONSERVATIVE nominee in 2016. Hope you run – KNOW you’ll win if you do :)

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Can’t wait to hear the good Senator speak on Friday! His NRA2013 speech made me think of the “founding fathers.” He definitely has that desperately needed SPIRIT for America! People are beginning to recognize that Rick Santorum is the LEADER we need for these critical and dangerous times. God bless you, Rick – I know you’ll hit it OUT of the park :D

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