Return to what made America...America!

To answer the most famous question from Gladiator, "I am NOT entertained!"

I have watched this YHWH-ordained and Blessed Nation crumble from the inside out since 1988 and keep accelerating with today's Fuhrer and his Duma.

Like the great "empires" that have come before (esp. Roman), we are decaying from the inside-out.  I agree with Joel Dunn's post below.  The eternal focus is gone.  Christians have been "asleep in the light" (Keith Green) and have removed themselves from the public square.

One way to turn this around is to take ALL public officials to task.  Just because someone is a Republican doesn't mean s/he should not be unelected if they do not act/perform as they s/he promised.  CONSERVATISM needs to be supported over party affiliation.  Unfortunately, the "conservative/independent" movement is marginalized by...conservatives AND independents each time we compromise "for the sake of the party" or support a RINO/CINO (Republican In Name Only/Conservative In Name Only).

The Big Tent mentality only works for viewing citizens within the appropriate Christian worldview:  saved sinners and unsaved sinners.  Everything else is based upon which group you are in.  After that, it is all about the greater good and furthering Conservative, Christian, Capitalist ideals.

For example:  gay marriage.  I'm against it.  Homosexuality is a life/behavioral choice.  It is not like skin color, ethnicity, birth origin, disability, etc.  As such, certain consequences come with such choices.  If I am a felon, there are LEGAL consequences, in the form of restrictions of rights and other legal issues.  Similarly, gay marriage has ALWAYS had the legal consequence of, well, NOT being a legal marriage.  I can have a homosexual person as a friend.  I can show him Christ-like love and concern.  However, I will not condone his/her lifestyle nor will I support any legal or social "norming" of said behavior.  Those who do and claim to be a conservative or Christian is going along to get along and should be someone who belongs to neither group.

We must take a stand against the decay of Liberalism, Totalitarianism, Dhimmi, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, etc.  When I took the officer's oath in the Air Force, I "[swore] help ME GOD" that I would "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC".  [The Constitution IS the USA.]  As a matter of fact, all federal officials (POTUS, Veep, SCOTUS, Congress) take an oath of office that includes all of the same concepts as this INCLUDE the defense against domestic enemies!  Ultimately, that is the ONLY promise that matters.

It's time to rise up and take our Country back!  And, as stated in AmirNader Elahi's post, Gov. Santorum is the one to lead US(A).

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