Abortion supporters are finally telling the truth — they don't want any restrictions

The misrepresentation around abortion started in the 1960s with claims that legalized abortion would reduce domestic violence, violence against children, decrease poverty among children and decrease rates of suicide and depression among women. There was no evidence to support those claims when they were made and in fact the opposite came true in every case.

As has been well documented that Roe v. Wade was filed and argued by lawyers who lied about the material facts of the case.

My conservative friends and I are constantly assaulted for being anti-science on things as speculative as sea levels 100 years from now, yet biology text books state new life begins at the moment of fertilization. Yet killing a baby in the womb is falsely termed a "choice."

Advocates have persuaded many vulnerable young women with, "It's just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue — it’s not a baby." Yet many of these same advocates will support criminal laws, which prosecute the killer of a pregnant woman with the murder of the mother and the child

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