*VIDEO* ICYMI: Rick Santorum Visited Meet the Press on Sunday

Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former U.S. Senator, former Republican presidential candidate and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum appeared on NBC News' Meet the Press yesterday to discuss Robert Gates' new book and the George Washington bridge controversy in New Jersey.

On Robert Gates' new book (VIDEO-advance to 3:00):

Santorum: "Well, look, the larger point to this book, in my opinion, was the fact that the president puts domestic politics before international concerns.  Everything seen through the lens of domestic politics-- that comment that was quoted about Hillary and the president about why they opposed the surge. And it is all about from an outsider...everything seems to be driven as to how can we pull things back to domestic politics. 

On Bridgegate in New Jersey (VIDEO):

Santorum: "You know, you first have to compliment [Governor Christie] for facing the issue, which is, again, I agree with Reince, what the president has not done in a lot of these struggles that he's had and conflicts. Chris Christie went up, manned up, and took it on and was decisive."

"I have several concerns about it, and one of the concerns I have is the-- Richard [Viguerie], a good friend of mine, always used to tell me, 'Personnel is policy. And the people that you hire are the policies that are implemented.' And what we've seen is two, three, four, I mean there's now more e-mails, I don't know how many more have come out. But it's very clear that the personnel there was not sensitive to what seemed to be a fairly obvious wrong thing to do."


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