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Paid family leave, after the birth or adoption of a new baby, fits our priorities and values. This kit explains the details and why it is a winning issue from both a policy perspective and with public opinion. Download and share this document with your Member of Congress or candidates. 



Nadine Maenza joins CBN to discuss COVID-19's impact on Religious Freedom


COVID-19's Effect on Religious Liberty: 'It Doesn't Disappear During Public Emergencies'

WASHINGTON - People across the globe are getting used to new normals because of the coronavirus, including cancelled or online church services. However, suppression of religious activities can be alarming in countries where freedom of worship is already a struggle.

As countries limit religious activities and close major religious sites in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, religious liberty advocates say governments have an obligation to consider religious freedom.


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Ask Congress to support Workers and Small Business!

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We are all coming to terms with the economic consequences of the coronavirus. Who could have foreseen that self-distancing would turn into being quarantined with businesses all over the country being shut down?

We opposed government bailouts in the past because they focused on Wall Street, particularly mismanaged businesses. This emergency is different. Families could have never anticipated that all income – and job opportunities – would stop at the same time.

Congress has the opportunity to provide real support to working families that will also uphold the economy until this emergency passes. If done correctly, this will keep businesses and nonprofits on hold and prepared to reopen - with their employees ready to go back to work - once the coronavirus is behind us.

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Organ Procurement and Extrajudicial Killing in China

Executive Director Nadine Maenza gave opening remarks at this important event at the Capitol hosted by Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China, and the Uyghur Human Rights Project.This event featured a groundbreaking report by Matthew Robinson with evidence that political prisoners in China are being killed while their organs are removed and sold. This chilling report can be read here. Watch Nadine Maenza's opening remarks here. Watch entire event here


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