The Greatest Threat is ....

The Pentagon has Identified the greatest THREAT to the US national security to be the economy.
The worsening economy is causing Foreign Policy to go into the direction of TOTAL War, a War that has the potential to destroy what remains of this nation. It is also behind every form of Evil unleashed in our world today. It is the underline.
So what is "the economy"?
It is the (non)FEDERAL AND (no)RESERVE "economy."
There is no other economy. So the Pentagon itself has identified the Federal Reseve as the greatest national security threat facing our country today.
There remains the Solution. We CAN change FROM the use of Federal Reserve Notes over to one that is in Harmony with the US Constitution.
There is a brand new currency, a hybrid form of money that we can use.
There are just 2 simple steps we CAN and now we MUST take, in order to avert catastrophy.
Many today believe that any FIX must take decades, even many future lifetimes, to correct, but it simply isn't so.
In fact, we CAN FIX this entire economic mess inside as little as a literal 24 Hours.
How? Impossible?

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The Greatest Threat is ....
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