Understanding Islam-the Threat

Hving just listed to conservative radio talk show host Vince Coakley and his first guest on-line on September 12, i have a greater understanding of just how much Islamic infiltration has already occurred with no resistance from the Obama Admidistration, but rather, a welcome, i am inspired to see to it that we have a change in the WhiteHouse, which i already wanted to see, especially since i am pro-life (and Mr. Rick Santorum told me that Mitt Romney is as well, which is why he'll be getting my vote).  We as citizens must also do everything that we can to stop Sharia law from being imposed in our states, communities, SCHOOLS, and churches.  Please go to www.understandingthethreat.com for additional information and to hear Vince Coakley's recent broadcast go to Revolution Radio and type Vince Coakley Sept 12 in the search box.  God bless all of those who are takng a stand for life, freedom and family!

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Understanding Islam-the Threat
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