I have a dream to bring about a sense of community again.

I have a dream to bring about a sense of community again.  It was great when neighbors talked to one another, families went to church together, moms and dads stayed committed to marriage despite the struggles they faced.  Children were safe to play around the neighborhood and have sleep-overs.  I want to get back to that feeling of community. 

I live in a small town, I'm running for mayor and hope to instill some of those lost values of community.  I also am working with teenagers, our next generation, to encourage them to think about their neighbors as well. I started a non-profit organization that brings together churches, schools, government, and businesses to help at-risk youth and poor families through their difficult times.  We don't need the Federal Government to do this.  All we need are neighbors looking after neighbors.  Let's let the Federal Govt do what it was set up to do; infrastructure and national defense.  Let us take care of the social needs in our community.

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I’ve searched for and experimented with such community for many years…
finding that our technology advancements in communication and transportation have been both a blessing and curse to community…
adding many new forms of community (e.g. cyberspace)…
and infinite complexity.
I’ve needed more and more help from a higher power for guidance on how to navigate.
Wishing you well on this critical need.
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