I have never been for a political party per say.  I always believed in voting for whom I thought was best.  Obama caught me up the first time he ran in promises.  I was actually excited about politics!  But, we have lost what our founding fathers started back long ago.  I am 63, a Christian, and we have lost what our country should stand for.  Freedom, safety, God, for the people.  It is become more about lies, slander, who makes more money, and hurting those that need help the most like the poor and elderly.  Why cut social security or medicare?  It is all I have to live on.  I have a mental illness and because of Obama's Health Care Plan, no psychiatrists are taking Medicare any more.  Why go into space?  If God wanted us there He would put us there.  Take that money and all that is spent on frivolous things in government and fix what is wrong here in the USA.  The rich get richer and the poor poorer.  Losing homes is causing more homelessness.  We need to go back to the beginning when this country began and start over.

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