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National Petition for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Sponsored by Patriot Voices

To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and a concerned citizen, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to immediately introduce, vote on, and pass a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution mandating a balanced budget.

A Balanced Budget Amendment would require by law that the federal government not spend more than it takes in and would ultimately cap federal spending at 18% of gross domestic product (GDP).

Because our country can't afford to continue down this unsustainable fiscal course any longer, I urge you to pass this Balanced Budget Amendment before completing the federal budget for the coming fiscal year.

According to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect full compliance with this request, and will hold you accountable and responsible for fulfilling it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Rick Santorum, Patriot Voices, and conservative patriots nationwide in support of fiscal sanity, accountability, and a balanced budget.

Hereby signed,

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Go Toe-To-Toe!

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Will you join us and go 'toe-to-toe' against Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and anyone else who supports abortion at any time and for any reason?  

If so, sign below!

 By signing this petition, you commit to the following:

  • - Yes! I will go #toe2toe4life against Wendy Davis and anyone else to save an innocent life. 
  • - Yes! I #StandWithLife in support of Texas Senate Bill 5 (#SB5) which bans abortions after 20 weeks.
  • - Yes! I #StandWithLife and agree it was reprehensible for the President of the United States to send a ‘shout-out’ to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis for her 11-hour filibuster in support of abortion on demand at any stage and for any reason.

  • - Yes! I #StandWithLife by applauding Governor Rick Perry for calling the Texas Senate back into a special session so that the Senate body can vote their support for and pass #SB5, a landmark piece of pro-life legislation.
  • - Yes! I #StandWithLife because I agree that these precious baby shoes, shown going ‘toe-to-toe’ with Wendy Davis’ filibuster shoes, remind us that we must stand for those who can't stand for themselves!

 [To show support for those in Texas who are fighting for life, these petition signatures will be delivered to Governor Rick Perry]


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We Republican are a fight against History Revisionist that are deleting important history about this subject we the people built this Country. The Obama Administration have been busy for a long time now in our public school and college supplanting American History with Liberal and Islamic history. Liberal Communist have been doing this very same thing with our Public Education since the 1930’s. I have a deep long memory for historical facts. So you can understand my OUTRAGE when at age 62 I found out that Black Americans form the NRA against Southern Democrats that made them register their weapons and then came and seized them !!!! That’s right the Black party was Republican and this is who we have to win back with History. Had this one thing been taught at all to all of us Black and white in public school / college During my life time PR Obama would have had no chance to become President. Our fight is a information battle of true History.

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Mr. Lester Allen Barclay

  The Constitution of the United States of America is my dream. The Bill of rights is the power to make it happen. By the Grace of God I served 33 years in the US ARMY in one capacity or another as Civil servant and soldier to defend our Constitution from all Foreign and Domestic threats. I was privileged by my ancestors blood that was Spilt for this freedom. I was privileged by their vision for my future. I would so encourage all our young to swear to faithfully defend this document not for just 33 years but all their lives as I have. 

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The Constitution

The Constitution signed by the Continental Congress represents all of my dreams for the American Dreamer Written for us and our Posterity. The Bill of rights the power to make those Dreams happen.