My American Dream

To become successful enough to help make a difference in my community by housing  homeless families by no fault of their own, feed those that work hard at low paying jobs that have to make a choice between medication or food the choice between electric or food or the choice between gasoline to get to work or food, this my friends is real America today, the hardships and struggles are real and so many people who have so little hope grow and prosper just from the strength of an act of kindness from a stranger.  I need to make a difference and  I will so long as God is willing to make me prosper with wealth to give freely and willingly.  I have struggled, I have had patches of success and I intend to use my suffering to help others find peace and the will to fight the fight for the Good of life, to use my suffering by sharing with those that have a voice and the means to make a difference that I don't have.  I want to become the loudest advocate for the poor by teaching all that the only way to help is by providing avenues without restrictions made by governmenatl policies that are unrealistic policies that do nothing but kill the American Dream.  These Killing obsticles simply promotes defeat within the soul and does nothing for our society but promote the desire for a handout because the dream slips further out of reach and becomes an illusion of the mind that is simply just fantasy.  We as a society must find a way to start helping our neighbors without labeling them. I want and need to make a differnce that is my dream, to make this happen to help others I must become wealthy.  I want to open a store, I want to build homes and apartments and develope communities, I want to manufacture a product that treasures memories and if God gives me the tools to do this, I know I can and will make a difference.  I want to leave a mark on this world and become a part of something that is bigger than me, like my founding fathers did.  Now is the time to elect a President to help Americans reach into their souls and become the BEST Nation their ever was or will be.  I will do anything to help Mr Rick Santorum become our next President, his CPAC speech tells me he understands what is needed to make AMERICA great AGAIN!!!! May everyone who reads this feel blessed and renewed with hope as I felt as I listed to Mr Rick Santorums CPAC speech!

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Santorum’s handlers use terms like “sacred” and ‘homeland" exactly the same way Hitlers’ propaganda experts used them. The German army belt buckles said “Gott Mit Uns” on them.
Be careful what you buy into.
Your faith in God can be twisted to serve evil.
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