Democracy of God: Intelligent Design, Human Nature, Logic of Evidence

Politics and religion, to be more exact, democracy and the Bible. What can be said about it? But it turned out that the Creator of the society designed democracy into the human nature. And here is a natural connection between democracy and religion. A contemporary (educated and religious) has been expecting arguments of this connection of politicians for a long time! And at last we are able to give them!

The US Supreme Court prohibited to teach Intelligent Design (ID). Its verdict is ID is a religious subject, a pseudoscience. But almost nothing is known about the content of ID except its name. And here is a paradox: something was prohibited that is not known. In fact, the democracy project from the Creator of the society was prohibited. Human nature as a Constanta of the society, as a creation of the God is this project. “The God created the Man” – everybody knows about it but… He Created the best form of existing and development for people. The urgency of Intelligent Design is so high that it is ‘shouting’ at people: Gentlemen, you have piled up so many problems because you don’t know me! Why are there problems of democracy, morals, religious crises, financial-economic crises, migration problems and even an islamic extremism? Because what is the Creator designed for us is not fulfilled. For example, there is no Institute of Equivalent Relations among people (as a constitutional institute of administration) but it is the basis of morals, honesty, openness (as much I give – as much you do: approximately equivalent). There are many examples in practice but it should be lawfully made as a general rule of people’s behavior. And it should be learnt at school with simple examples such as ‘eye for eye’, ‘tooth for tooth’. (The Institute of equivalent relations could be Santorum Amendment).

We won’t spread ID into the space and stars, we won’t go deep into genetic processes, molecular biology. ID is a global social object, it forms the world in which we are living, and it should be searched in the human nature, in the nature of the society, in the subconscious sphere of people’s behavior. We have taken the liberty to raise ID from the knees, to return it the Top-status. And we hope to have your support in this wished by the God matter.

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I have no idea what you are smoking, but if this is any part of the Santorum platform, the world needs to know.
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