Embarrassed by your CRPD Opposition

Dear Mr. Santorum: I am a pro-lifer. I was born with Spina Bifida way back in 1964, when not all doctors would save us. I am not a fan of the some-are-better-off-not-being-born mentality of the abortion industry. You have done an incredible amount of damage to the pro-life cause with your crusade against the CRPD. You have absolutely refused to listen to the wishes of the disability community and veterans groups. The treaty is endorsed by humdreds of disability groups and over 20 veterans' groups. Ratification of this reart was never about homeschooling rights or abortion. Backers have bent over backwards to address your concerns. Read the RUDs. So what is this treaty about? It is about maintaining US leadership on disability rights so we can export our gold standard - The ADA - to other countries. And it about creating a world where US citizens with disabilities can travel and work abroad. Do you have any idea what it is like for people with disabilities in other countries? Some friends of mine, both of whom use wheelchairs, recently adopted a child with a disability from China. They could tell you what it is like in other countries for people with disabilities. And what about people with disabilities in other countries? We, as pro-lifers, should care about them too. Maintaining US leadership on disability rights is so important. Backers of the CRPD listened to your concerns and addressed them. There is no excuse. If ratification fails, you will have hreatlt damaged the pro-life movement by alienating the disability community. (You already did that once.) No one will remember that the president of NOW said that we need abortrion to prevent the heartbreak of infant mortality. (You can imagine what I thought of that.) But no one will remember that if Rick Santorum does not care about huge disability support for this treaty. The abortion industry will score a huge PR victory if you succeed in defeating ratification. They will gain public support. All I will be able to say is, "Don't blame me."  John, a pro-lifer born with Spina Bifida. My mobility is good, but I care about accessibility for my friends.

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