Can Patriot Voices Re-start the Moral Majority

    I am very interested as the spouse of an active duty Marine if it would be possible to re-start the, "Moral Majority" of the 1980's that was the force behind President Reagan. Words have meaning. Many of us understand that and because of the political tension with the Tea Party movement, more wives like me would favor being part of a "New Moral Majority."

    The values are similar to the Tea Party movement as I see except it embraces Christianity in a way that "Tea Party" does not. I believe that Christian morality is fundamental to overcoming the egregious lack of value for humanity that we see in the Democratic Party today.This would scare the daylights out of the media. The folks that watch Christian television without participating might find their own call to ministry.

Bart Stupak proved it at the Democratic National Convention last year. When he showed up and said the party still had a place for Pro-life Democrats he was wrong. In the opening of their convention they ACTUALLY held a vote that denied God as part of their Party Platform! These folks need the ability to be part of moving our nation back together. They are very important and can bring back God's blessing to the United States.

Just a thought...

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Two points I can offer in response.
First, the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to prevent the need for a second American Revolution, by enabling one. The more Americans who have weapons, the easier it is for them to revolt if they need to revolt a second time against the government. It is meant to make would-be tyrants hesitate to take over America, like was done in Venezuela where a free nation became a dictatorship while the dictator’s armed followers mowed down opposing citizens.
Second, guns save Americans. I want concealed weapons everywhere. Then I am safe when the criminal comes in blazing. I cheer victims who put down criminals in the middle of a crime. Gun control advocates want innocent victims to die. Those supporting the second amendment want criminals to die before they can harm innocent victims.
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Veteran, wife of active duty service member and a Catholic. No, Rick Santorum cannot be the voice of a moral majority. Just because he is anti-abortion doesn’t mean he is for life. He is actively campaigning to defeat gun controls laws..why?Because the 2nd Amendment protects us from the government? Who protects us from violent crimes; the local police or the Republican neighbors down the street? How many senseless murders and mass killings could have been avoided if people kept guns out of the hands of children and the insane? Rick Santorum says “just imagine what the US Attorney General will do with a list of gun owners”. I don’t know, what will he do? Track down gangs and vicious criminals? Take guns away from people who abuse their spouses and harm innocent children? Plenty of people in this country own guns and they haven’t exactly been using them to stop crimes. Guns to kill animals are one thing, guns to kill humans… No Christian needs one. If you truly believe the message of Christ you would not need a gun. My father, a deeply Catholic and active Pro-Lifer got rid of his handguns when he realized the blatant hypocrisy. If you truly are Pro-Life, you care about Life in all forms…the homeless drug addict sleeping in the cold to the confused young black woman knocking on your front porch. An unborn baby is not more or less deserving of life than a born child or an adult, and anyone who claims to have a scale for the “worthiness” of human life is setting themselves up as a god and judge.
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I believe the fastest way to get a New Moral Majority up and running would be to show what the old one did. If someone could find what its planks were, that would go a long way toward getting its prior participants to help get a revised version running. Otherwise liberals will make up what it stood for and did to make people cringe to join
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