Leah Turner

published Can Patriot Voices Re-start the Moral Majority in Forum 2013-10-20 09:08:53 -0400

Can Patriot Voices Re-start the Moral Majority

    I am very interested as the spouse of an active duty Marine if it would be possible to re-start the, "Moral Majority" of the 1980's that was the force behind President Reagan. Words have meaning. Many of us understand that and because of the political tension with the Tea Party movement, more wives like me would favor being part of a "New Moral Majority."

    The values are similar to the Tea Party movement as I see except it embraces Christianity in a way that "Tea Party" does not. I believe that Christian morality is fundamental to overcoming the egregious lack of value for humanity that we see in the Democratic Party today.This would scare the daylights out of the media. The folks that watch Christian television without participating might find their own call to ministry.

Bart Stupak proved it at the Democratic National Convention last year. When he showed up and said the party still had a place for Pro-life Democrats he was wrong. In the opening of their convention they ACTUALLY held a vote that denied God as part of their Party Platform! These folks need the ability to be part of moving our nation back together. They are very important and can bring back God's blessing to the United States.

Just a thought...