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To have the freedom I grew up with

My dream is to go back to a country that gives me the same freedoms I had as a child, the ones where I did not have to worry if I would be arrested tomorrow because I disagreed with the federal government, the one where I was allowed to have Christian beliefs and not be ridiculed for them, the one where we were not being taxed to death, the one where if you worked hard people looked up to and you did not constantly get rewarded for being a long term leech on society. 

To help make this dream come true, I pray daily for my country, we are organizing a grass roots group that is prepared to be political (not politically correct), community oriented and if necessary stand up to tyranny, and last I am a teacher.  

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Stop Chuck Hagel's Nomination as Secretary of Defense

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Senator Chuck Hagel is the wrong choice for Secretary of Defense because his confirmation would send a dangerous signal to Iran and other radical Islamic elements which would make our country and our allies less secure.  Not only did Senator Hagel tip off the Iranians that he would not use strength to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons, he disrespects our strongest ally in the middle east, Israel. Time after time, Sen. Hagel has sought to distance the United States from Israel and refused to support efforts to end terrorist attacks on Israel.

Chuck Hagel’s anti-Israel, pro-Iran mindset makes him uniquely unqualified to serve as our Defense Secretary.

Add your voice to Patriot Voices' fight to stop Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense using the short form below.

UPDATE: We’ve learned that Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing is set for January 31st. Please take three minutes to call or email your senators now and tell them to vote "no" on this nomination.  Find your senators at this link.  

UPDATE #2: The Senate Armed Services Committee announced that they are postponing the vote on Chuck Hagel's nomination to be Secretary of Defense. This is because of your calls, emails and overall opposition to Senator Hagel! Let’s keep the pressure on! Here are three easy ways to take action:

• Go to to send an email to your senators

Click here to to find links to tweet your senators:

• Call the capitol switchboard and ask to speak to your senators: 202-224-3121

UPDATE #3: Sen. Harry Reid has scheduled the confirmation vote for Friday, February 15th.  A 60 vote threshold is required.  Keep calling and emailing!



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