Don't Stop The Shut Down!

For Congress to pass a law and not let it to apply to them as well as to the people is unconstitutional and they would all know this if they bothered to read it! I think WE the PEOPLE should file a law suite against the government if they continue to try and enforce this law on us. I would love to see this president, vice president, and other members of our governing body impeached and/or recalled ASP while we still have some freedom left in this great, God given country of ours!  

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Don’t Stop The Shut Down! via @patriot_voices
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Marty L – sorry for the abuse showing up here, which thankfully the Forum administrator removed. My post backing you disappeared with the two hates ones that showed up in our email.
That said, the profane concern was that advocacy phone calls challenging the President’s position should be stopped. I have no idea how to respond. But I did want to note here that since I began posting, oddly this is where the hate attacks came. Plus I wanted to assure Marty L I backed him, even though my post disappeared.
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