How can we dare to chastise Syria for gassing their own people when we allow women in own country to kill their own children approved through our congress as "legal abortion,"  all the innocent people and children murdered on our soil every single day, all the terriorists at Gitmo released only to go back and kill again, China kills their own children and we do nothing.  I abhor any type of violence, and I can't stand seeing these precious children being slaughtered in such an inhumane way,  but it appears to me In my eyes and the eyes of other nations, we are hypocrites! We need to set the bar - be an example for other countries- others look up to us (they once did!) but we are no better than China or Syria any longer. Nancy Pelosi is speaking as I'm typing about WMDs and there are no WMDs that have killed more people than abortion!

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Not only do pro-abort American leaders appear hypocritical when they ignore abortion while complaining about deaths of foreigners, they ignore another effect of abortion in America – anyone born since abortion became legal looks around knowing a large number of his generation were killed for being deemed burdensome. Young Americans know they escaped a death sentence to be born. That is a ferocious threat to live with. Their parents weighed whether lifestyle needs were more important than their lives.
Abortion advocates reinforce this threat by proclaiming their goal is that only wanted children live. What they mean is that only children deemed not too great a burden should live.
I cannot imagine what it is like for young Americans to gather in a room knowing that 10 or 20 more who should be there were killed off because they were deemed too burdensome to be born.
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