Senator - What providential timing in your asking me this question!

My American dream - End abortion in America.  Place the rightful presidential candidate (Rick Santorum) in the White House today (not 2016!)  Protect our children from all onslaughts perpetrated against them.  Restore our nation's greatness, protect our liberties (all of them.)

Now to see what I and other patriots are doing to make this shared dream a reality, go to for the amazing solution that we are presently working through the federal court (as I write this!!)   And, tomorrow look for an alert to go across America with this message as an invitation to join and support this blockbuster (like no other, in the history of the world) case.  What else I have done includes: voted for and promoted Senator Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Randy Weber ...

Thanking Senator Rick Santorum once more for all he has done, is doing and will do for our nation - Michael T. Burns, Texas

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