Likely 2013 POTUS scenario, based on rapidly evolving current events:

See if you agree.

>>> Obama is impeached and/or declared ineligible (our case comes thru on this).


 >>> Romney is declared ineligible (our case comes thru on this).


 >>> Biden is disqualified as a presidential candidate (our case comes thru on this); as well as recognized as totally complicit in Obama's fraud, by simple deduction.


 >>> A new presidential election is required (rather hastily) (our case comes thru on this).


*** Senator Rick Santorum is the very likely winner, based on:


His 2012 popularity as a presidential candidate, as he outperformed Romney by leaps and bounds (especially if you remove the voter fraud factor), as well as the other candidates; and also due somewhat to the predicament much more of the nation now finally realizes we are in.


He has been the only candidate to be the REAL, reliably faithful conservative, to openly and boldly warn of this current, unfolding web of national and international events, disasters and threats, and to offer all required domestic and international solutions (all of which have been fully vetted as very reasonable, effective and efficient.)


He has a great deal of integrity that naturally shines thru (read as: reliable, credible, super strong work ethic, etc.), not to mention he has been repeatedly described as brilliant by BOTH his peers, and critics, and has a proven track record of success in the Congress like no other today has.


He was also the only Republican presidential candidate to attract international attention by those hoping America would succeed (I dare venture to say.)


He is the only candidate Obama feared, and the liberal far left despise (which he admits he wears as a badge of honor.)


Much, if not all of the above traits were repeatedly revealed during his candidacy across the nation; and he has since continued to maintain a high profile across the nation. Etc., etc.

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