My Early Thoughts After a Conservative Win in 2016:

My Early Thoughts for a Conservative Government in 2016:

Marco Rubio - President   

Rand Paul – Vice President

Dr. Benjamin CarsonSecretary of State 

Paul Ryan – Secretary of the Treasury 

Allen West – Secretary Of Defense 

Mark Levin – Attorney General


Department of veteran Affairs merge with the Department of Defense 

Combine Departments of; 




Housing and Urban Development







Combine Departments of;

Department of Justice

Homeland Security


Combine Departments of;


Small Business Administration


IRS (Eliminate, Start Fair tax)

Revamp Council of Economic Advisors


Drop out of United Nations

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commented 2013-03-01 12:05:51 -0500 · Flag
Lisa, I would hope Rick would run For President again, If he were to win then I of course would have to redefine my List. I made this list based on my gut. I feel these people at this date would be my choices. Rick is still a top choice for me, but can he win a primary over Rubio? I do not know as of today.
commented 2013-02-28 11:08:55 -0500 · Flag
Where’s Rick? I’d have him as Pres. myself, but we need him somewhere in the new govt.
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