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Patriot Voices was founded by Rick and Karen Santorum in 2012 to give a voice to hard working Americans.  Our mission is clear: we must fight to protect faith, freedom, family and opportunity.  The fight for these bedrock principles is just as important today as it was when our country was first founded.  Learn more about the people behind Patriot Voices:

Nadine Maenza, Executive Director

Nadine serves as the Executive Director of Patriot Voices, which requires overseeing a lot of moving parts to ensure Patriot Voices can effectively advocate for issues that further faith, family, freedom and opportunity in this country.  While she most recently served as the National Finance Director for Rick Santorum for President, Nadine has worked with Senator Santorum in different capacities since he was considering his first run for the U.S. Senate in 1993. Nadine originally came to politics as a grassroots coordinator for senate races in Oregon and Arkansas. She worked on Capitol Hill for Senator John Heinz and later as his controller and the Finance Director of his campaign committee.  She has also served as the Finance Director for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and has consulted for the Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney for President in 2008. She has also worked in missions, helped run a homeschooling co-op, and is very involved in her church community. Nadine lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with her husband Terry and three children.

Follow Nadine on Twitter: @nadinemaenza

Contact Nadine at Nadine@PatriotVoices.com 


Val Sommerville, National Grassroots Co-Director

Started Grassroots activism as a Volunteer Chapter Leader for Patriot Voices. She then served as Patriot Voices Grassroots Coordinator and as Grassroots Coordinator for Rick Santorum for President during the last Presidential cycle. 

It is Val's passion to encourage those that believe they can't make a difference. Through Grassroots Team Building every person has the ability to speak up and be heard. Val is a pro-life warrior with 8 children and has been married to her USMC Veteran for 27 years.

Follow Val on Twitter: @valsthewoman

Contact Val at: ValPatriotVoicesCoDirector@gmail.com 


Shirley Widlacki, National Grassroots Co-Director 

Shirley was first inspired into political activism by Senator Santorum’s passionate defense of the unborn during the partial birth abortion debate in 1996 and later was very active in both of his two presidential campaigns. She also served as a Chapter Leader for Patriot Voices in Virginia. Shirley is a conservative culture warrior, blogger, and a blue collar small business owner with her husband, Tim. They have been married for 34 years and have 3 children. As a deeply involved grassroots activist, She is enthusiastic about teaming with like-minded people committed to building a solid network of local and state leaders and social media activists to have the voices of working families heard loud and clear in Washington and throughout the country.

 Follow Shirley on Twitter: patriotmom61






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