Take the Patriot Voices Made in the USA Christmas Challenge.

Did you know that a large percentage of our Christmas gift dollars go overseas? That’s right. Many of the gifts that end up under the Christmas tree are manufactured in other countries. 

This Christmas season, millions of hard-working American families, who count on their jobs in the manufacturing sector and our local communities, are struggling to make ends meet.

We can all agree that buying products made here at home makes sense. Let's lift up all Americans by supporting American companies and American-made products at the checkout.

You can help turn things around this season by taking the Patriot Voices Made in the USA Christmas Challenge.  

Just take a look at your gift-giving budget and decide to spend as much as you can on things made in this country. It’s that simple!

And one more thing…be sure and support Small Business Saturday on November 29th to help the small business owners in your community!

Help make this a Red White and Blue Christmas!

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