Alex Gallimore

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To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and defender of the right to bear arms, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to protect our Second Amendment rights and stop efforts aimed at "universal background checks."

Recent incidents of heartbreaking gun violence have brought the issue of gun safety into the spotlight.  Putting further restrictions on law abiding citizen-gun owners is not the answer.

We have gun laws in place, we need to work hard to enforce existing laws, not create new laws that do nothing to deter criminals and madmen.

The Second Amendment was drafted to protect our First Amendment rights, and according to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect review of this request, and will hold you accountable for your response to it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Patriot Voices and conservative patriots nationwide in support of the Second Amendment and against efforts to implement "universal background checks."

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West Virginia U.S. Senate

I am in an awkward predicament, I am trying to get West Virginia delegate Kelli Sobonya (R), and she won't run, please give her lots of encouragement. If some of you live here in the mountain state, please call her at 1-304-733-9169 or email her at or her other ,please help me out. She is a conservative, because her strong stance on taxes and illegal immigration, even if do not live here  please still call and or email her she needs to run for not just the U.S Senate, but for freedom and liberty. Because i can't and won't take no for an answer.

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Mark Willis

Mark Willis, is running for RNC chairman, the reason why is because at the convention in Tampa, FL Reince Preibus changed the rules of the republican party. Reince Preibus needs to go, please help mark willis, by calling your state party chairman,state party committeeman and committeewoman and telling them to pass a resolution to support mark willis for rnc chairman or go The leadership of party needs to change, by throwing out the establishment and replacing it with conservatives. It is not too late please help out.  

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National Petition for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Sponsored by Patriot Voices

To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and a concerned citizen, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to immediately introduce, vote on, and pass a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution mandating a balanced budget.

A Balanced Budget Amendment would require by law that the federal government not spend more than it takes in and would ultimately cap federal spending at 18% of gross domestic product (GDP).

Because our country can't afford to continue down this unsustainable fiscal course any longer, I urge you to pass this Balanced Budget Amendment before completing the federal budget for the coming fiscal year.

According to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect full compliance with this request, and will hold you accountable and responsible for fulfilling it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Rick Santorum, Patriot Voices, and conservative patriots nationwide in support of fiscal sanity, accountability, and a balanced budget.

Hereby signed,

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Take the 8th Annual Made in the USA Christmas Challenge!

We have long been talking about how supporting the American worker and manufacturing will grow the economy in a way that benefits everyone. Donald Trump won the presidency talking about these important issues!

As we enter the Christmas season, millions of hard-working American families in the manufacturing industry or in communities impacted by that industry are struggling to make ends meet.

Did you know that a large percentage of our Christmas gift dollars go overseas? For every $1 we spend in the USA on manufacturing, $1.81 will be added to the economy. That is a great deal! 

Sometimes it is simply difficult to find products made in the USA. The next best thing would be to buy local. Support the small businesses and workers in your own community.

This is how it works. After you sign the pledge, just take a look at your gift-giving budget and decide to spend as much as you can on things made in this country or sold by local businesses. It’s that simple!  

Also consider shopping on Saturday, November 30th to support local businesses on Small Business Saturday.

Help make this a Red White and Blue Christmas by putting the American worker first. Join us by taking the 8th Annual Made in the USA Christmas Challenge!

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The senate

I see Republicans winning in Montana, Nebraska, and North Doakota, but i also see them winning in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virgina and maybe Missouri but probably not, bu we will see. Let me see you predicitions.

commented on Democrat Control of Congress 2012-10-27 23:24:45 -0400 · Flag
Of course you remember the brawl that Bill O’Reilly got into with Barney Frank over the Fannie and Freddie issue.

commented on Patriot Voices PAC Endorses Several Congressional Candidates 2012-10-25 14:42:16 -0400 · Flag
Thank you for endorsing Keith Rothfus, and by the way please campaign for Todd Akin in Missouri the clock is ticking to take back the Senate.

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Todd Akin

In the Missouri senate race Todd Akin is still behind, but can he win, Akin has the backing of conservatives like Mike Huckabee, Jim Demint, Newt Gingrich and Rand Paul. I do not live Missouri, but if you live in Missouri, to help out go too