Rick Santorum returns to Patriot Voices as Chairman

VERONA, PA - Following his departure from the Presidential race, Rick Santorum announced today that he is returning to Patriot Voices as its Chairman.

Patriot Voices was founded by Rick and Karen Santorum in 2012 to give a voice to hard working Americans, and to fight for causes that protect faith, freedom, family and opportunity in America. In recent months, Patriot Voices has been particularly active to expose the persecution religious minorities including Yazidis and Christians face at the hands of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  Patriot Voices has called on Congress and President Obama to declare this for what it is - genocide. 
Patriot Voices' Executive Director Nadine Maenza said, "We are thrilled to welcome Rick Santorum back to lead us in 2016, particularly as our country faces enormously important elections for the White House, Senate and beyond.  His voice and leadership will be incredibly important during this historic year."
Rick Santorum said, "I am excited to return to Patriot Voices - the group that Karen and I first founded in 2012 - to serve as a place for conservatives to come together to advocate for conservative policies and impact the 2016 elections.  There is much to weigh in on - from the future of the Supreme Court, to defeating radical Islam and fighting for international religious freedom.  Patriot Voices will continue to be a place where conservatives can come together to have their voice multiplied and amplified in the political process."
Rick Santorum has been a leader in addressing the challenges America faces on the international stage.  Senator Santorum served for 8 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee where he worked to transform our military from a Cold War fighting force to one prepared to defeat the asymmetric threats we face today.  Senator Santorum was also the author of tough sanctions against both Syria and Iran, and spent 5 years at the Ethics and Public Policy Center bringing attention to the threats facing America from the Middle East, Central and South America.  During both his presidential campaigns, Santorum brought the fight to confront and defeat radical Islam to the fore of the national debate.
Patriot Voices' first political endorsement of the 2016 election cycle is Senator Marco Rubio for President.  In addition to its support for Senator Rubio and other conservatives around the country, Patriot Voices will continue its work drawing attention to the threat of radical Islam, the importance of international religious freedom, and the reestablishment of conservative first principles to our government.   Among Patriot Voices' first initiatives will be ensuring the precedent of not confirming a Supreme Court justice during the final year of a President's term is maintained and fighting to stop any Obama Supreme Court nominee that may be nominated, and the protection of religious minorities in the Middle East is prioritized.


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I read it whole and going to share with my social friends. I enjoyed your article and planning to rewrite it on my own blog
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A refreshing voice of Reason last night on Greta. Thank you Senator for your clear, concise response of your endorsement of Donald Trump.Gaitha and I have been leaning this way but also backing up Val Somerville’s desire for you to be drafted at the Convention. We so value your heart and God’s Heart for our Nation. We will be standing with you, Val, in our support for Donald Trump. We are praying that as more solid Key Conservative leaders join us before November, that we will STAND Together to say… “”tweet-url hashtag" href=“https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23NEVERHILLARY” title=“#NEVERHILLARY”>#NEVERHILLARY"

PS: Good to see Foster Friess has “Saddled Up” too! Blessings!
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Thank-you Senator for guarding our Republic. We cannot afford to lose the Supreme Court appointments. Those are lifetime, Presidents come and go. May God Bless you for your stand.
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Anyone supporting Donald Trump for President should not be calling himself a patriot. Trump is a clown, and anyone with any semblance of thought knows that it would be a great embarrassment for the United States to have that self-promoting, reality television jackass as president. The Republican party is in shambles, hijacked by tea party obstructionist. I would vote for anyone but Trump.
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I was a staunch supporter for you, Rick, when you ran in the 2012 election, and won Iowa from Romney. That is why I was stricken with disbelief when you endorsed the Rubio campaign. That is a total establishment, non-conservative endorsement of someone who I doubt is any more legal to be POTUS than our present usuper. Nor, is Cruz, eligible, imo. So, the thought of your representing my beliefs is no longer trustworthy. Good luck and God Bless.
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Let’s shoot for 5 million Patriot Voices this time (or 50 million?)
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This is wonderful news! Game on and God bless!!
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Welcome Home Rick!!! Game On!!
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The establishment has again tried to silence the voices of Christian Conservatives in the battle for Faith, Family, Freedom and Opportunity. I am so thankful you are returning Rick because Patriot Voices has a lot of work to do and God has called you to continue the work of Patriot Voices.

We are ready to join the fight again!
commented 2016-02-18 17:47:25 -0500 · Flag
Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I am so excited!