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With the election of Donald Trump, we are finally hopeful that there will be sensible immigration reform for our country.

Since Congress has yet to have the courage to produce a bill we could wholeheartedly endorse, we are making suggestions for what we want a future bill to to look like. 

Patriot Voices chairman Rick Santorum offered an immigration plan last year that we believe makes the most sense and we hope President-elect Trump includes these important provisions in his plan.

Here are the highlights::

  • End President Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who have been here longer than 5 years

  • End birthright citizenship for those who are born here to illegal immigrants.

  • Withhold federal funds from cities that offer safe haven to illegal immigrants.

  • Implement e-verify for all businesses to ensure that employers who hire illegal immigrants are held accountable.

  • Implement a tracking system that monitors every immigrant who comes into this country, and would also keep track of when they have overstayed their time.  Those who violate the law will be penalized with fines and possible deportation.

This plan offers the most reasonable solution to our immigration challenges.  If you agree that this is the right approach to fix our immigration system, then add your name below.

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" Enthusiasm, without WISDOM, is folly."
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The problem is’nt going to be solved by IMMIGRATION, it will only leave for more government control and tax dollars stolen. The key is ASSIMILATION. For example, if they can’t agree to our laws, our Constitution and Oath of Citizenship…there’s the door. Don’t let it hit ya, where the good Lord split ya! And REFUGEE is a LIMITED PASS to stay here. Those that violate this, should be sent where they came from. I believe this also calls for a REVAMP of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, to be murder, rape, molestation, pedophilia, kidnapping and terrorist…which, amazingly enough is what Islam teaches and accepts. That should be quick (weeks not months or years) convictions, which call for day of conviction executions by firing squads, a mixture of male and female, since the radical value of Islam believes if a woman kills them, they go to hell. Make that the new foundation that would clear out half our jails. and put the fear of God back in those living here and coming here. God Bless
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End illegal entry. These illegals are costing us huge amounts in hospital birth bills, educational expenses, and are a mockery to those who obey the laws of our land.
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We are tired of Congress & Senate going what they want & Not doing what the Tax Paying Legal Citizens of America want & need. And doing what is Politically Correct instead of doing what’s Right for America & taking care of People & Country’s that Hate America & would Kill & Destoy us if they get a Chance !!!!
signed 2015-10-01 15:55:47 -0400
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