Patriot Voices PAC Makes Major U.S. Senate Endorsements

Verona, PA - Former Republican Presidential Candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum announced today that Patriot Voices PAC has made endorsements in several U.S. Senate races.  The endorsements are:  George Allen in Virginia, Wendy Long in New York, Josh Mandel in Ohio and Tom Smith in Pennsylvania.

Rick Santorum said, "These individuals are incredibly committed conservatives who will be tremendous assets in the United States Senate.  Each of them shares a commitment to lowering taxes, protecting life at every stage, promoting the traditional family and a belief that the individual should have the power -- not the government.  Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to make these endorsements today and we look forward to helping their candidacies between now and November."

 Rick Santorum, Chairman of Patriot Voices PAC, issued the following statements about each candidate:

 George Allen

"I have known George Allen for years and have enormous respect for his committed conservative values.  When we served together in the Senate, I watched George fight with great tenacity to stop wasteful spending, protect the sanctity of life, preserve the family, and support tax cuts that spurred job creation in 2001 and 2003."

Wendy Long

"Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to support Wendy Long for the U.S. Senate inNew York. She is a strong social and fiscal conservative - committed to reducing the debt, repealing ObamaCare and reducing government spending." 

 Josh Mandel 

"Whether it was as a local official or state treasurer, Josh Mandel has been a fiscal champion fighting for Ohio taxpayers every step of the way.  Patriot Voices PAC admires Josh's commitment to free enterprise, limited government and advocating for safe, domestic energy production, and standing up for the traditional family.  Josh will be a strong voice for conservatives in the U.S. Senate and we look forward to helping elect him the next U.S. Senator from Ohio."  

 Tom Smith 

"As a native of Pennsylvania, I believe Tom Smith is the right candidate at the right time for our state. He has put forth a detailed economic plan that simplifies the tax code, cuts spending and encourages energy production to create jobs in Pennsylvania.  Tom is a conservative stalwart who understands the challenges of Americans at this turning point in our country, and Patriot Voices PAC looks forward to standing with him in the weeks ahead."

 A complete list of endorsed candidates is available here.



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