Patriot Voices Announces Partnership with Operation Backbone

Verona, PA -- Co-founders of Patriot Voices Rick and Karen Santorum announced today that Patriot Voices is teaming up with Operation Backbone to provide support to our most severely wounded active duty soldiers and veterans who need care outside of their current options.

Earlier this year, Rick and Karen Santorum first heard about the great work Operation Backbone is doing and were eager to partner with them through Patriot Voices.

Operation Backbone was created to provide the most advanced brain and spine surgical treatments in the world for our soldiers, but the heart and soul of Operation Backbone is for the spouses and families who work nonstop in silence everyday protecting, healing, and managing as best as they can to create a healthy and balanced life for their wounded spouse and their entire family.

Rick and Karen Santorum said, "Operation Backbone is doing amazing work to help our most severely injured men and women in uniform, who are in need of major brain or spine surgeries, get the care they need from skilled surgeons and physicians when their current care plan isn't adequate.  Operation Backbone also lifts up family members to ensure they have the tools and support they need to keep their families together during a very difficult time.  We are proud to support their fine work, and pleased to partner with them through Patriot Voices."

Through this partnership, Patriot Voices will educate our members about Operation Backbone and encourage their help for Operation Backbone events and activities.  Specifically, in Florida, later this spring, Patriot Voices will assist Operation Backbone with a spouse retreat in the St. Petersburg area.  Other such events are likely in other locations around the country.

"Providing world class care to our military around the world is a tremendous responsibility, but putting a military family back together is truly a gift. We are proud to support Operation Backbone," Rick and Karen Santorum concluded.

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