Patriot Voices is building a network of America’s conservative grassroots and we need you! You can be the starting point for Patriot Voices in your local community, a connection between local members and our state and national leadership. Local chapter leaders are asked to recruit others and be ready to activate, engage and support endorsed candidates, projects and activities.

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Trish_Stukbauer_NC.jpg Trish Stukbauer lives just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband David, and son, Steven. Trish is a co-owner of The Range at Lake Norman, Director of Communications at a local church and owns her own marketing firm. Trish is the Chair of the Saint Mark Business Alliance and is active in her church and local community organizations. Trish also served as a state coordinator for the Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign.

\Joe Shakour lives in Sims, North Carolina (east of Raleigh), with his wife and two sons. Joe serves as a senior pastor appearing regularly for local and national Christian television broadcasts hosting, interviewing,and meeting for panel discussion. Joe studied pre-law and political science on the undergraduate level and volunteered on a number of Florida political campaigns before entering seminary and full-time ministry. He holds counseling certification and membership with the American Association of Christian Counselors and is currently finishing his doctoral degree. He most recently served as County Chairman of Vote for Marriage NC, was involved in NC Project Renewal, and is scheduled to be part of Capitol Connection in Washington, D.C.

Lori_Bardsley_-_NC.jpgLori Bardsley lives in Gibsonville, North Carolina, with her daughter, Eavan, and is a busy homeschool mom. Lori has been active in grassroots politics and the pro-life movement since 1995. She is the founder of Women for Santorum online and served as a state coordinator for the Rick Santorum for President campaign. Lori served as a local county chair for conservative Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, as well as the Women for Dan Forest chair. Lori enjoys starting up successful social media campaigns for local tea parties and candidates




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