National Security

Patriot Voices believes: 

Stand with and Strengthen Our Military

  • The number one priority of the federal government under our Constitution is to keep America safe. 
  • We must stand with our men and women in uniform who deserve everything necessary to defend freedom and protect us from the threats that America faces.
  • We must stand against defense spending cuts through sequestration or otherwise during this time of war.  We can steward our defense resources better but savings need to go toward protecting our nation from present and future threats.

Stand with Our Veterans

  • America must keep its promise to the people who have faithfully and sacrificially served our country; America’s 22 million veterans and 2 million service members and all of their families.

Stand Up Against the Iranian Regime and Radical Islam

  • We must stand unwaveringly against the Iranian Regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and with the people of Iran instead. 
  • The government must be honest with the American people and call this war what it is, a War with Radical Islam. 
  • We should call upon the majority Muslim World to tear down the walls of oppression of freedom of conscience and religion, to oppose violent jihadism, and stop the oppression of women and integrate women into the social, economic and political institutions of their countries.

Stand with Those Who Stand with America

  • We must stand with our neighbors and with allies like Israel and those freedom loving countries throughout the world in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • Our president should not apologize for America and start standing once again for our security, human rights, and religious freedom around the world.

Stand for Secure Borders to Strengthen America

  • Porous borders mean inadequate national security creating opportunities for terrorists and narco-traffickers. 
  • We need to stop illegal immigration by securing our borders and streamlining legal immigration to promote fairness and economic growth.
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commented 2014-02-17 16:08:50 -0500 · Flag
There is no guarantee the USA will always exist unless we Americans do what we can to protect our freedoms and the dignity of human life. Follow Santorum on Patriot Voices and you be following a true to Life American!
commented 2013-02-24 04:16:52 -0500 · Flag
I have lived in Europe and also the Middle East, prior to the 1967 war. My family was evacuated from Beirut, Lebanon as civilians with the Oil pipeline. American’s were well loved at that time, back in the day! But when we started sticking our noses into affairs that have been going on for thousands of years and ignorantly thinking that we were going to resolve issues that are none of our business, hatred for America was inevitable!

How many lives must be lost and how long will our own disabled
families be awarded a mere 40 gallons of heating oil instead of the previous 150 gallons a season, because we are funding a senseless war that is none of our business? We instigated the assault upon our own soil by being where we don’t belong… If we don’t stop butting into religious based conflicts half a world away, funding ignorance at the expense of the lives of our own citizens for reasons that make no sense at all, how can that not be seen as an “act of war”?

What was the surprise in a very real consequence of retaliation upon America, IN America, to make that point obvious? Our senseless involvement where it is not appreciated, is uninvited, pointless and resented precipitated 9/11. It was retaliation, not an invitation or a convenient justification for WAR!

WAR costs money the average person could never fathom! Being disabled at this point in time, I say we shut up, get out of the Middle East and focus upon internal issues to strengthen our National Security by minding our own affairs, not everyone elses!

We have managed to surrender our precious Liberty and give up our own freedom, because of one attack that our own ignorance provoked! Terror? We should be afraid of our own government and not believe that giving up our own rights will keep us safe! We need to live our lives in the knowledge that “if we don’t start any, there won’t be any trouble!” There would be NO threat to our National Security if we just let these people kill one another if that is what their culture dictates, and simply get out and mind our own business! Are we so very presumptuous a Nation that we think we can push anyone around, force them to accept our way of thinking, and accomplish this without consequence?

We can’t change the way of life in other cultures, and it is not our place to presume to try!

I am sorry for the families who endured the heartache and loss on 911, and sorrier still that it did NOT need to happen! If our own government did not actually do this, they may as well have by promoting WAR in a country that was not a threat to us until we tried to force our way of thinking down their throats on their own soil! We are WELL hated now as uninvited bullies who can dish it out, but do we really think that their should be no consequences for our stupid audacity? This way of thinking is nothing more than a threat to all of us, and instigates retaliation, for real one day, and the next time we are attacked, it may be with nuclear bombs… Oh, and who says that the USA alone are allowed to have “weapons of mass destruction” and/or are permitted to use them? That attitude kinda dares someone to put us in our place, and leaves us open to attack upon our own soil. Hey, they would not want to kill us if we minded our own business! We are out there throwing these American brass stones of ours at others, disrespecting their cultures, religions and deeply ingrained beliefs that we can’t or just don’t bother to try to understand. Our “Dissing of them” in their own neighborhoods is uncalled for!

You want National Security? STOP putting us all at risk, get our troops OUT of their turf and stop trying to “fix” what has been broken for thousands of years, before all Hell breaks loose!
We can’t even fix our own economic crisis in this country! National Security? I don’t feel secure with only 40 gallons of fuel oil awarded to a disabled family, while billions of tax dollars are wasted fighting a war that no one will ever win!

Take care of our own problems, and stop being so arrogant in thinking we can “fix” problem’s that don’t affect us. It sure is ironic that before this war in the Middle East, I once received a rebate for fuel oil paid for by a government grant, and now I can not even prevent my pipes from breaking unless I call upon my father to pay cash for my heating oil. So if we do “win” this so called war, who gets to keep the oil?

Why does my Dean’s List college student now have no medical coverage, at least while she is making something of her life? Why is there virtually NO mental health care available to a client because providers are at full capacity and are NOT accepting new patients? Why is it illegal to pay cash for services that are not available under my worthless HMO? Here’s a frightening one for us to ponder: National Security my foot! How about our personal lack of safety in our own communities now, due to this idiotic move: Why are schizophrenics NOT being provided with a medication by injection that manages their symptoms for an entire month with one shot, but now are forced to take pills for their condition that the PARANOIA won’t allow t)hem to use as I was told “the pills are poison” so who feels SECURE in knowing there are thousands of now untreated DANGEROUSLY mentally ill people out there running around un-medicated?

Why was I forced to find a NAME BRAND medication (lovenox injections) used to resolve a blood clot, because WELFARE would NOT pay for a generic form of the very same medication at a savings of $300 for three injections? I could have put the difference in price savings into my fuel oil tank! Outrageous nonsense, wasteful and a totally needless expense!

Kinda like the BUSINESS of war, in my opinion… Thanks for reading this. I love my Country, and as messed up as some things are, we have freedom that most take for granted. Do NOT surrender your freedom, my fellow Patriots. Let’s take our RIGHTS back, logically, legally, and without violence.
PEACE OUT ! Rosemary Lane
commented 2012-12-28 02:56:42 -0500 · Flag
Thank you for all the people that support the American people and our Nation God Bless have a wonderful night.
commented 2012-12-20 16:51:22 -0500 · Flag
Egypt’s anti-Israel and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood government is implementing a Shariah Law based constitution. The openly anti-American vocalizations and actions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiary terrorist organizations of Hamas, Hezbollah and A Qaeda, which are designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) by the Department of State, clearly evidences their status as enemies of the United States and Israel. Yet the Obama administration continues to press forward with his plan to provide aid to an enemy of the United States. Please consider joining with the ACLJ and myself in the fight against this outrageous move by Mr. Obama. Please consider signing the petition to stop the funding of Egypt. Thank you.
commented 2012-12-04 08:55:49 -0500 · Flag
I agree, melveta! Obviously anti-semitism is alive and well. And I wonder if everyone would agree that Iran’s “dear” leader’s comment that Israel should be wiped off the map is just a touch hostile.
commented 2012-12-04 02:22:12 -0500 · Flag
Like the page but not the comment from Isaac Arnett—his free speech is spewing garbage.
followed this page 2012-12-03 19:18:54 -0500
commented 2012-12-02 12:23:08 -0500 · Flag
Israel is a murdering nation enforcing genocide and where is the proof that Iran is hostile towards the U.S. or anyone ? This page is total propaganda to support corporate tyranny.