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Moms Know Best Survey:

2500 Moms in Five States Share What Things Concern Them the Most 

From The Tarrance Group

August 2-7, 2012

“Likely Voting Mothers”



Survey Scope

Key Findings

Views on America

Obama Job Approval, Leadership and Socialism

Issue Matrix



START Treaty / US Nuclear Capacity

EMP Attacks and Defense Shields




Oil and Energy Production

Government Regulations









Survey Scope 

The Tarrance Group, known for its extensive political and issue survey work, including the highly regarded Battleground Poll, conducted this unprecedented online interview poll with 2500 Moms with at least one child under 18 years of age at home. This survey makes it clear that moms’ deep concerns are not just economic. Instead, when they understand the facts about critical but very neglected issues, they become much more independently minded – regardless of their normal party allegiances. 

This survey was conducted with 500 moms in each of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Florida. This survey covered a broad range of neglected topics from government-based impacts on gas prices to national security issues.

The survey covered a range of topics, from gas prices to national security.  In an effort to truly “listen” to Moms, the survey incorporated an astonishing 15 open-ended questions, producing thousands of individual responses. Of the mothers interviewed, 729 were self identified “Independent,” 911 were Democratic, 860 were Republican.  All were registered to vote.

Ideologically, 38% were self identified moderates. Of these 2500 moms who voted in 2008: 48% voted for Barack Obama and 38% for John McCain. The mom voters in 2008 usually vote Democratic (37%) and 37% usually vote Republican.

The online methodology allowed Tarrance to collect a vast set of data for analysis. As a whole, broadband Internet users tend to be more highly educated. In fact, this study finds that 77% of moms have attended at least some college. Of significance, according to the 2010 national exit poll, 79% of voters that year had attended at least some college.

The survey asked mothers both their current political identification and what their past voting behavior was. Among mothers who self-identified as Independent, 47% of them indicated they voted for Obama in 2008. Among mothers who said their past vote behavior was ticket splitting, 46% of them indicated they voted for Obama in 2008. Partisan loyalty was a key indicator in many of the responses, so our analysis will focus most often on those who identified themselves as Independents.


Key Findings

This survey conducted by The Tarrance Group, finds that while mothers’ top tier of concerns are pocketbook issues like jobs and gas prices, there is a notable level of concern among them about national security issues. They have mixed to negative views about President Obama and his impact on the country and are remarkably negative about the President’s ability to keep their families safe from foreign threats.

A majority of the 2500 mothers in every one of these states believes the country is on the wrong track. Overall, a plurality of these mothers disapproves of the job performance of the President. Among independent moms, the President also has a plurality disapproval rating.   

Among the key findings in this survey:

These clearly broad, diverse and representative voices of moms in American reflect a keen desire for a vigorous national debate on critical “fairness” issues like America’s national security; American’s foreign policy with adversaries; and even more so, Americans foreign policy relations with long standing friends like Israel.

Also, moms have other major “fairness” issues of great concerns to Americans including current federal government restrictions on access to America’s vast energy resources; the harmful effects of government regulations on middle class small business; and Medicare funding cuts.

Read the full survey here. 

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Find out what 2500 real moms think abt state of r nation in Patriot Voices' Moms Know Best poll. via @patriot_voices
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Republican propaganda…

This survey was conducted by a Republican public relations firm. In my opinion, it is extremely biased, and its results debatable based on the number of MOMS surveyed. A pool of 2500 women DO NOT represent even a fraction of a percent of women in this country. It should state the pool was 2500 Republican-voting women in 5 states.

Who conducted the survey? The Tarrance Group

“The Tarrance Group is one of the most widely respected and successful Republican strategic research and polling firms in the nation. The firm is run by Edward A. Goeas III, who serves as President and CEO.

Our total commitment to quality has helped elect more than 80 Republican Governors, U.S. Senators and Members of Congress, as well as numerous state legislative candidates.

Goeas, with partners Brian Tringali and Dave Sackett, have built a team with diverse political experience. Members of the group work together through the developmental, analytical and strategic planning stages of survey research. In this way, the strengths of each member of our team are maximized and directed on the focused goal of winning your campaign."
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I find this a very biased website and really not very truthful. Is your editor a republican??? Seems that Moms should be concerned with the tax benefit cuts that Romney would introduce like the child care credit and earned income credits. What about his plan for medicare vouchers……….and his total lack of foreign policy is staggering. He would have our men and women on the ground fighting if there is an conflict between Israel and Iran. Become more informed before you make a choice!!!!!!!!!
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What 2500 real moms think about the state of our nation in Patriot Voices' Moms Know Best poll. @patriot_voices #tcot
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What 2500 real moms think about the state of our nation in Patriot Voices' Moms Know Best poll. @patriot_voices #tcot
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What 2500 real moms think about the state of our nation in Patriot Voices' Moms Know Best poll. @patriot_voices #tcot
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What 2500 real moms think about the state of our nation in Patriot Voices' Moms Know Best poll. @patriot_voices #tcot
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RT @karensantorum: Obama’s “lead from behind” approach to foreign policy causes concern for moms. #2500moms
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I used to own a natural gas van and gave a plan for our economy to John McCain via Fred Thompsons bus while he was campaigning for McCain—-Want do you think if you could travel for way less then a dollar a gallon?? With that van I could go 240 miles on 12 dollars and natural gas has gone down in price since then!! -OK-Here is a short version of my plan - There are 350 million sq miles in the us including water surface. If we were to put a natural gas pump every 25 sq miles at an estimated cost of 250,000 dollars it would equal 50 billion dollars ( I worked as an estimator for seven years for a very large mechanical contractor). There are not underground natural gas lines everywhere so the vehicle would have a switch to automaticly transfer the gas supply from natural to propane gas so you could make it to the next fill up station. More stations should be put in the densely populated areas and less in the sparsely populated areas. A no interest government loan should be offered to filling station owners. All money will be paid back.This would be a zero cost to the taxpayer!! This is just for a new start and as time goes on there would be nat gas pumps at every station in due time. If you had just a compact car on natural gas today your transportation cost would be the equivalent to around 45 cents a gallon!! Now wouldnt this really spark this economy?? And wouldnt this really clean up the air There are hardly no emissions! You can park in your garage with it running for hours and still breath fine! There are no carbon deposits on the internal engine parts. The internal engine stays as clean as the day it was installed. The engine oil never turns black and looks just like it did the day you put it in! You still must change it because it loses its viscosity. I have much more to say but it seems useless anymore. The dems have stopped it when Reagan wanted to do this and the republicans wont hear of it! And just think—We have enough natural gas in this country right now for ALL our total energy use for at least one hundred years!!! We could be totally energy independent in a matter of three years!! And with a booming economy!! I dont know how to put it on utube. Maybe i will find someone that can help me with that. just imagine how this economy would be if people could travel for 50 cents a gallon?? (compact car) I have pics also!
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58% of #2500moms think our country is headed in wrong direction & yesterday's employment numbers confirm that.
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As a Mom I would like to be given the same funding for my child to go to public school or private school. This should be my choice. My state has taken this away from me.
commented 2012-09-10 21:44:26 -0400 · Flag
Hmmm, I am a newby, so I’ll just listen.
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Hope this one will post: Will HHS mandate effect parental rights and/or homeschoolers? I don’t want a stranger coming into my home telling me how or what to teach my child.
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